Five Business Processes you need to be Automating

Below is an article from Insight Small Business, to view the article click here In an increasingly digital corporate world, organisations should look at what processes can be automated to improve business operations. The immediate and long-term goals for improving processes and reducing optimising workflow should not be underestimated. Businesses of

Digital Management can Improve School Safety

Below is the article from The Educator ‘Digital Management can Improve School Safety’, to view the article click here   In the wake of the Royal Commission’s Creating child safe institutions report, school administrators have been encouraged to implement strong risk management strategies to identify, prevent, and handle threats that might


How partnering with M-Files helps Upstream deliver better solutions for you

Upstream and M-Files offer expertise and solution for document management and information access.

Upstream’s partnership with M-Files helps us create new, and streamline existing, business processes across all aspects of a business including accounts payable, human resources and proof of delivery. In turn, this helps you improve document management and information access in these areas for a better, more efficient user experience while at the same time increasing compliance.