Protecting your business from scammers and fake invoices

Is your business unknowingly losing money to common invoice scams? Could you detect a fake invoice easily? Last year alone Australian businesses lost millions of dollars to invoice scams. Accounts Payable automation can identify invoice discrepancies and help reduce your risk of falling victim to fraudulent payments. Find out how automated AP solutions protects businesses from losing money.

Five things you didn’t know about Accounts Payable Automation

If, like most Australian organisations, you’ve moved most of your workforce to work from home during the COVID-19 outbreak, then you may have had to rethink your business processes, including Accounts Payable.

AP processes are often manual, tedious and paper based, but automating AP allows you to maintain operations and stay productive. Read about five benefits we’ve identified that you may not know about AP automation.

How to manage your accounts payable remotely with digital invoice approval workflow

A digital invoice approval workflow streamlines the approvals process and lets you manage accurate approvals remotely. It also automates manual and repetitive tasks involved in the approval process, such as data entry and cross-referencing information.

Read about three key features of a digital invoice approval workflow that can benefit your business as it operates remotely.