How metadata can streamline business functions to maximise employees’ time

Did you know employees spend almost 20% of their time every week trying to find information and documents? As the amount of data continues to grow, finding folders, documents, images or other files becomes much more time consuming.

A streamlined document management solution (DMS) that incorporates metadata means files can be found easily and quickly, no matter where they are stored.

Check out how metadata can help combat these inefficiencies.

7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Document Management

In theory, managing documents in digital form should be saving your business time and money. However, if your staff are still wasting time searching for, saving or emailing documents, then it might be time to explore in the benefits of a document management solution.

Nasir Khan shares 7 key reasons why you should consider adopting a Document Management Solution that goes beyond your network folders.

Parenting into Management

We all know it takes superhero powers to be a working mum. But ever consider the management skills required to raise kids?

Our Head of IT, Annabel Lui, shares an interesting perspective on the challenges of parenthood, and the transferable skills it’s taught her.

How digital workflows help with meeting Chain of Responsibility (CoR) requirements

Did you know that the ‘Chain of Responsibility’ laws places responsibility on all members of the supply chain from company directors to dispatchers, as well as loaders and drivers?

In other words, if your company was involved in any part of a vehicle load that causes an accident or injury you could be liable.

Adopting digital processes can help ensure safety and compliance. Protect your company with automation, including load approval & progression workflows, photo capture and autoated non-compliance notifications, to reduce risk.

Our Innovative Spirit

You may associate the Fujifilm group with their 87 years of photographic film, but it might be surprise you to learn about some of the other innovations they’ve helped pioneer.

To help you get to know our new family, here are 7 awesome innovation facts about Fujifilm you may not know.

Fuji Xerox Accelerates Creating Synergy in Fujifilm Group to Continue Delivering Innovation

Upstream Solutions will change its name to FUJIFILM Upstream Solutions from April 1, 2021.

The new corporate name represents Fuji Xerox’s commitment as part of the Fujifilm Group ― which promotes “Value from Innovation” ― to expand into a wide range of business areas going forward and to always continue delivering business innovations.

How process automation helps construction companies meet industry regulations and remain compliant

Although building and construction companies are typically quite fast-paced in their operations, the industry itself tends to rely on traditional methods of documentation and paper processes.

David Barton shares out how adapting to the digital age and implementing automation can improve productivity for processes such as Accounts Payable, Document Management, Staff certification and job allocation, Onsite Visitors and more.

How to Tackle Process Improvement

Continuing to find new ways to deliver better efficiencies, visibility and productivity is an important element to growth and innovation.

But with so many varied processes, departments and requirements within a company, knowing where to start Process Improvement can become an overwhelming concept.

Check out what Nasir Khan has to say with 5 key tips to help you navigate your journey to a successful process improvement.

Protecting your business from scammers and fake invoices

Is your business unknowingly losing money to common invoice scams? Could you detect a fake invoice easily? Last year alone Australian businesses lost millions of dollars to invoice scams. Accounts Payable automation can identify invoice discrepancies and help reduce your risk of falling victim to fraudulent payments. Find out how automated AP solutions protects businesses from losing money.

Five things you didn’t know about Accounts Payable Automation

If, like most Australian organisations, you’ve moved most of your workforce to work from home during the COVID-19 outbreak, then you may have had to rethink your business processes, including Accounts Payable.

AP processes are often manual, tedious and paper based, but automating AP allows you to maintain operations and stay productive. Read about five benefits we’ve identified that you may not know about AP automation.

How to manage your accounts payable remotely with digital invoice approval workflow

A digital invoice approval workflow streamlines the approvals process and lets you manage accurate approvals remotely. It also automates manual and repetitive tasks involved in the approval process, such as data entry and cross-referencing information.

Read about three key features of a digital invoice approval workflow that can benefit your business as it operates remotely.

The role of document management solutions in keeping your data healthy

Like humans, your data needs regular health checks. Data continues to grow exponentially and, in this era of digitalisation, it is apparent that organisations need to review their data and the plans they have in place to manage, secure, and analyse that data so that it delivers maximum value. A document management solution can play a key role in helping to keep that data healthy.

How Sign on Glass technology is a green initiative that reduces costs and increases productivity

Sustainability and climate change have risen to be in the top five significant concerns Australia’s business leaders’ face in 2020. Has your company joined those changing processes to reduce their environmental impact?

Find out how Sign on Glass Technology can streamline processes such as POD to help your digital transformation journey.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Reduce your carbon footprint and improve efficiencies with route optimisation

Although ordering parts and buying products has become a fast, simple affair for customers, what they don’t see is the behind-the-scenes planning required to deliver their request on time. Meeting customer expectations involves a great deal of manual work and calculation.

Incorporating GPS technology tools helps optimise logistics and can significantly improve the effectiveness of the delivery process.

Proof of delivery

Take your proof of delivery processes to the next level with digital visibility and control

When your proof of delivery (POD) processes rely on physical documents and rifling through hordes of paperwork, it can be nearly impossible to have visibility on the current status of deliveries. Automating your POD processes provides countless benefits, including finding information a fraction of the time and multiple digital proof points such as images, notes, geo & time stamps, to name just a few.

Document Management Solutions

Why IIM is the best way to access and share documents securely from anywhere

Document management solutions, with intelligent information management (IIM) lets an organisation manage its data more effectively. Added IIM offers new capabilities that help to create a more productive and cooperative organisation.

Find out how it helps maintain higher levels of security while improving document accessibility, and ultimately helps you spend less time and money on finding and managing documents.

proof of delivery warehouse

How to improve your proof of delivery management with electronic processing

Tracking proof of delivery (POD), or proof of transaction documents is crucial to invoicing customers and visibility into operational logistics. But, if your PODs consist of handwritten, hard to read or incomplete dockets, that takes days or weeks to process then your business could be taking a hit.

Digitising some or all of the POD process can save you time, money, and confusion. Check out how.

Boost RTO compliance and maintain funding with DMS

Is paper based record keeping putting your Registered Training Organisation funding at risk?

Proving student enrollments and attendance are legitimate is critical  for RTO’s to maintain government funding.

Digitised that student records and documents helps ensure your RTO is audit ready and compliant, and that you’re able to quickly and easily locate relevant information. It also allows staff to electronically access, track and update information while ensuring document security.

Check out the Educator for more.

Breezing through an Audit

Tired of worrying about the significant ramifications of failing an audit? Even with the right information available, the process of retrieving relevant files is often a manual, hugely time-consuming and labour-intensive task that’s prone to human error. With the right information management solutions in place, an audit could be no more onerous than any other business activity.

Read what Matthew Coad has to say about how Document Management Solutions can take the stress, time and hassle out of audits – keeping your business compliant, digitally.

Modernising Your Legacy ERP Systems

There are still some 10,000 legacy mainframes being used around the world, including systems such as AS400, Unix and IBM, to process millions of transactions a day. Often the considerable cost of upgrading or replacing applications running on legacy hardware or written in programming languages long since retired is simply not viable. Now you can easily modernise your legacy ERP to add new functionality and smart features without migrating your entire system.

Can’t Afford to Automate, or Can’t Afford NOT to Automate?

Automation may not be as expensive or difficult as you might expect, and more importantly it can actually save your business money, often reducing the cost of a single task by up to 80%. What’s more, introducing automation into your business doesn’t have to be a huge project, kicking off with one or two simple processes can quickly and easily produce immediate ROI.

Sign on Glass Proof of Transaction

6 Benefits of Digitising your Proof of Transaction Processes with Sign on Glass

If you’re in the business of selling or moving a product or service, then chances are you have a process for capturing a proof of transaction. Whether you’re dealing with outbound deliveries or inbound counter transactions, having a ‘proof of transaction’ process in place is critical. Traditionally, documents associated with customer