Digitise your forms with Upstream eForms

Upstream’s eForms solution digitises your paper based forms, giving your onsite staff electronic control and your office staff immediate visibility.

Using eForms means you no longer have to wait for information, deal with lost paperwork, navigate indecipherable handwritten or have double handling or data entry. eForms allows for instant access & storage of the forms. What’s more they to link with a document management system or can be can be integrated with your ERP. Enhance the functionality by adding Upstream’s workflow solutions to create approval, notification, follow up actions and reminder alerts and workflow.

Remote Digital Access

Access your forms from a mobile device and even use them offline, giving your onsite staff the ability to complete and submit forms electronically while in the field. Form logic allows you to populate relevant fields based on information input and provide dynamic look up or workflow.

Customisable Forms

Replicate your existing forms digitally and easily tailor the fields to suit your specific business or process requirement. Select from multiple field functionality and features.

Link to your Systems

Completed forms and associated data can be captured in PDF format and attached or uploaded in your existing ERP. The PDF files can then easily be emailed and shared digitally for use internally or with customers.

Add Photo’s

Attach photos captured while on site such as the job area or location, proof of completion or fault or damage, providing additional job information or proof of transaction and evidence.

Capture Signature

Capture signatures on the spot to provide a complete picture of the necessary data on site.

Intelligent Workflow

When coupled with Upstream’s solutions, the possibilities are endless. Automate processes and trigger workflow to streamline any number of business processes.

Digital Access & Retrieval

Sorting paper and searching through filing cabinets becomes a thing of the past with forms digitisation. In fact, no effort is required on your part to electronically store the information. Your eForms are automatically stored digitally and instantly available at the tap of a few keystrokes. Search on any information such as job type, company number, quote number to find the form.

With numerous applications eForms can be customised for:

  • Compliance Forms
  • Technician Service Forms
  • Fault Tracking & Resolution Workflows
  • Plant & Equipment Tracking
  • Notifications of Warranty Inspections
  • Job Sheets
  • Safety Forms
  • Sales & Quote Forms

Enjoy the Benefits

  • Provides digital mobility
  • Replaces physical printed paperwork
  • Eliminates data inaccuracy & double handling
  • Saves time and money
  • Provides instant search & retrieval