Food Distribution & Hospitality

The food distribution and hospitality industry in Australia has a reputation for quality, traceability, and compliance with tight legislation. Continuing to uphold these high standards is essential for food distribution and hospitality businesses. Upstream offers compliance and document management solutions to help you manage the reporting and compliance side of your business so you can focus on making great food and delivering memorable experiences for your customers.

Food distribution and hospitality solutions that help you manage compliance and track deliveries

Food distribution and hospitality businesses have a huge responsibility. You need to ensure the safety of the people who work for your business and of the people that eat your food. Complying with tight regulations requires you to have detailed plans and procedures.

Add to this the various documentation you work with to order your supplies and ingredients, maintain your equipment, process invoices, and generally run your business day to day, and the amount of information you need to manage soon adds up.

Upstream helps you make sense out of the chaos. Whether it’s finding the most up-to-date version of the document you need instantly, automating the way you manage and pay invoices, protecting sensitive data, or just tracking deliveries or the ingredients you use from origin to plate, we’ve got you covered.

How Upstream helps food distribution and hospitality businesses manage risk and streamline processes

Full visibility into all the information flowing through your food distribution and hospitality business is the only way to manage risk and ensure compliance. We can help you track and manage every aspect of your business with streamlined, automated workflows and simplified information management.

Upstream helps you with:

  • proof of delivery documents
  • exception reporting
  • stock control software
  • invoice processing solutions
  • archive retrieval systems
  • equipment maintenance management
  • ingredient/component traceability
  • batch visibility software.

We can help you manage information more intelligently so your team members can find information no matter where it’s stored or what the documents are called.

Our quality management solution helps you automate and streamline quality processes and help you better control documentation throughout your operational workflows. A single solution can help manage your quality and document management requirements, along with asset management, invoice processing, customer relationship management, and more.

Our systems are easy to use and they remove complexity. Information is easier to find, share, and collaborate on throughout the organisation, which lets you manage risk and compliance.

Not only that, you can improve your payment cycle with better and more robust proof of delivery processes. Now you can easily track, process, access, and store delivery-related information. No longer do you have to blindly resent orders or scramble to track delivery status when questioned by customers.

Your team can have assurance that up-to-date and accurate delivery dockets and related information can be reached with just a few keystrokes.

Upstream’s simple proof of delivery document solutions save you money in order resending time, information accessing, and help you get paid sooner with clean purchase order and proof of delivery documents.

This leads to increased competitiveness and productivity. To find out more about how Upstream can help your food distribution and hospitality business operate more effectively, contact us today.

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