Manufacturing & Warehousing

The manufacturing and warehousing industry is complex with challenges around productivity, integration into supply chains, and managing product and market opportunities. Upstream’s tailored manufacturing and warehousing solutions help simplify the complexity and help you compete more effectively.

Manufacturing and warehousing solutions that help you compete

The Australian manufacturing industry is in a resurgence due to advanced techniques and a renewed focus on innovation. To support these efforts, manufacturing and warehousing businesses need to have comprehensive information management systems in place.

When manufacturing and warehousing businesses can’t accurately track the vast amounts of information that flow through the operation every day, risk is introduced into the business and it becomes difficult to guarantee quality, consistency, and accuracy.

Without a modern, intelligent information management system in place, employees are likely to manage information in an ad hoc way. With crucial documents scattered among various systems such as MRP, ERP, CRM, email, file share servers, desktops, and even hardcopy files, it becomes impossible to harness this information for compliance, audits, and effective operations.

Upstream can help you rein in your information and make it easier to work with it effectively.

How Upstream helps manufacturing and warehousing businesses work more efficiently

Upstream offers tailored solutions designed specifically to help manufacturing and warehousing businesses manage their operations more effectively. Our solutions include:

  • timesheet systems
  • ingredient/component traceability
  • batch visibility software
  • order management
  • equipment maintenance
  • quality management solutions
  • stock management systems
  • picking and packing slips.

Managing information more effectively can help reduce the number of errors that creep into your operations. Automating workflows removes the potential for human error and saves time, freeing up people to focus on more value-added work. Automation also ensures consistency.

Upstream helps you manage workflows and documents related to all aspects of your business, including managing financial files and contracts, logistics and purchasing documentation, payroll, and more.

Audits are easier because you can locate and collate the information you need instantly; no more searching around for the latest version or asking colleagues for an updated version. Everything you need is available through a simple search function that pulls up not just the document you’re looking for but all the documents related to it, so you get all the information you need, when you need it.

After implementing Upstream solutions, our customers report significant time savings, increased accuracy, and improved competitiveness. To find out how we can help your manufacturing and warehousing business achieve these benefits, contact us today.

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