THE Solution to your Network Folder Chaos

By Matt Coad, Executive General Manager – Solutions


Every business I have worked in, including Upstream, has a plethora of Shared Drives and Network Folders. While folder structures start with best intentions, over time initial guidelines that govern that structure are lost with folder upon folder being created, resulting in multiple sub folders, eventually making it impossible to find documents.

Even when companies are diligent and enforce standard structures, searching and finding information in Windows Explorer is slow, tedious and not guaranteed to warrant a result.

The good news is that there is a solution.

M-Files Intelligent Metadata Layer (IML), combined with the ‘Network Folder Connectors’ indexes your entire folder shares, without requiring any migration of documents. IML can even index every word in your documents, across multiple file formats with ease.

Utilising the M-Files Interface, you can search across all of your existing documents; whether on your PC, through the web interface or even from your mobile device!

Your files can then be ‘promoted’ into M-Files, adding metadata and even sending them through workflows without ever moving them from their original folder.

With the addition of the soon to be released M-Files Repository Sensor, you can crawl the contents of the network drive to find documents that contain specific keywords or patterns such as ID Number, Credit Card Details or ABN’s.

Watch the video below for a demo on how it works, and contact Upstream if you want to discuss in further detail or see it in action!

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