Proof of Delivery

Reduce Risk

The movement of important documentation throughout – and between large organisations is complex. Therefore, transactional documents are key to smooth operations. We assist in document management throughout many aspects of business including warehousing, logistics, and along the supply chain.

To assist you in creating a business environment of greater efficiency and streamlined customer service, we developed a range of ‘Proof of Delivery’ solutions, including:

  • Reconciliation of outgoing/incoming documentation
  • Automated barcode recognition of documents
  • Instantaneous storage, search and retrieval
  • Transactional documents search portal
  • Client self-service portal
  • Condition of goods
  • Exception reporting
  • Data & content extraction
  • Third party logistics documentation
  • ERP integration
  • POD mobility

Upstream understands the long-term goals for improving processes.

Human Resources

Take care.

Human Resources specialise in people management – taking care of employees within businesses. Upstream’s solutions enable businesses to take control of this vital function. We can assist with:

  • Employee on-boarding
  • Leave approvals
  • OH&S incidents
  • Compliance
  • Induction
  • Certification
  • Training
  • License currency
  • Employee competency
  • Recruitment
  • Development
  • Capture and storage of unstructured documents.

Certification & Compliance

Keeping compliant.

Businesses across all industries are required to comply with government legislation and industry regulations. The complexity of managing associated documentation and strict compliant workflows is significant.

Upstream can assist with:

  • Visitor and Contractor Sign-In
  • Occupational Health & Safety Reporting
  • Quality Service Certification
  • Material safety data sheets
  • Safety induction
  • Incident and Hazard reports
  • Deviation
  • Corrective actions
  • Standards compliance
  • Acceptance statements
  • CAPA (corrective action, preventative action) documentation
  • Security of information
  • Quality management
  • ISO
  • Training management
  • Audits
  • Insurances
  • Certification
  • Training management.


Accounts Payable

Automating Accounts.

Accounts Payable is crucial for managing cash flow and supplier relationships – essential within the financial operations of any business.

Businesses tend to manage their Accounts Payable department in different ways, and with different ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Upstream’s strengths lie in understanding the immediate and long-term goals for improving processes and reducing paperwork, data entry and duplication.

Our successes in Accounts Payable include:

  • Invoice processing
  • Payment workflow
  • Approval workflow
  • ERP integration
  • Purchase Order verification
  • Goods receipting
  • Expense claim management
  • General Ledger Coding
  • Data capture and extraction
  • Exception reporting
  • Duplicate identification
  • Payment alerts and reminders
  • Payment reconciliation

Upstream excels in transforming business processes, taking them from complicated and time-consuming to simple and efficient.

Equipment, Vehicle Asset Management

Driving simplicity.

The management of capital assets – such as equipment, trucks and cars – is a key function for many businesses. Upstream excels in transforming Fleet and Asset Management processes, taking them from complicated and time-consuming to simple and efficient.

To reduce risk, paper and administration, we have developed solutions for:

  • Expiration management
  • Incident management
  • Condition management
  • Safety compliance
  • Servicing & maintenance
  • Registration
  • Fleet management
  • Insurance
  • Audit
  • Training resources

Mobility & Field Operations

Mobile workforce.

As a result of digital transformation, the modern business landscape has changed. The higher demand for eCommerce and instant information or feedback means business processes and systems need to accommodate the new customer and supplier expectations. To this end, Upstream has developed industry-leading solutions to provide:

  • Field transactions
  • Document mobility
  • Information mobility
  • Mobile workflows
  • Real-time information capture
  • Sign on Glass technology
  • eForms
  • Offline functionality
  • Flexible hardware options
  • Delivery management
  • GPS tracking
  • Mobile Proof of Delivery
  • Geo tagging
  • Vehicle & operator compliance checklist