Rand McNally Fleetsu is the most comprehensive Connected Vehicle solution, combining best in class features, telematics hardware, high performance and customisable Automotive Data platform to provide a complete vehicle overview for a connected fleet.

Immediate, easy, real-time access to your fleet data that provides insight into business critical variables like fuel consumption, tanks level and live RPM.

Upstream and Rand McNally Fleetsu have joined forces to bring you the best of breed in Fleet and Vehicle Management and Business Process solutions. The power of our combined expertise means you can rest assured that our dynamic solutions have you covered.

Real time vehicle location

Drill down for real-time GPS tracking of individual vehicle locations and behaviour of on-duty drivers. Use this insight to help make money saving operational decisions, and increase your fleet safety and efficiency.

  fleetsu locate fleet vehicles fleetsu locate fleet vehicles

reduce fleet fuel costs

Reduce your fuel costs

With accurate fuel consumption information for all managed vehicles, you can manage and reduce fuel consumption costs across your fleet.

reduce fleet fuel costs

Manage ATO Compliance & Automate Logbooks

Use the digital log book feature to safely and securely record information, removing the reliance on inaccurate data capture from drivers. Certified by the Australian Tax Office, the platform helps business remove time consuming paper log books.

Fleet logbooks
Fleet logbooks

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In the Know with Real Time Alerts

Whether it’s the vehicle location, the onsite arrival or maximum utilisation information, you can customise alerts to notify you of any information that’s important to you. Stay across what’s happening with your fleet with real time alerts.

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The launch of Toyota Halo delivers new levels of fleet management functionality to enable businesses to fully optimise their fleet operations… using near real-time data to efficiently and effectively run and control fleet operations and help reduce business costs,”

— Sean Hanley, Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Franchise Operations —
Toyota Australia

Toyota partners with Rand McNally Fleetsu to offer Connected Fleet Management Solution

Toyota Motor Corporation Australia’s (TMCA) business customers will have access to a next-generation connected fleet management platform with the launch of Toyota Halo. Leveraging Rand McNally’s high-performance platform, Toyota Halo provides business customers with an integrated, connected fleet management solution.

Capture Driver Safety Information

Everything you need to know about driver behaviour can be captured to help you manage driver safety. Whether it’s speeding alerts or measuring rapid acceleration, braking and cornering, the driver safety information provides the detail you need to reward safe drivers or modify behaviour.

Business Insight Platform icon
Business Insight Platform icon

mobile driver app for fleet vehicles

Utilise the Mobile driver app

Assign your drivers to your vehicles and put the power in their hands with the Driver app. Drivers can use the app to record Logbooks, classify trips, and set ‘privacy’ trip feature when needed. You can even pick the frequency of reminders and automatically notify drivers when a journey hasn’t been classified.

mobile driver app for fleet vehicles

Comprehensive Vehicle Data

With the best in class technology, Rand McNally Fleetsu have built the most comprehensive dataset across all vehicle makes and models. This world-class software means you can even access valuable hidden OEM data providing a complete vehicle overview.

  • Fuel levels
  • Odometer readings
  • Door statuses
  • Seatbelts
  • Windows
  • EV battery charging levels
  • Battery health
Fleet Vehicle Data
Fleet Vehicle Data

We are serious about accountability across the entire organisation, Fleetsu provides us with facts, not hearsay… and the information we need to reward our safe drivers.

— Matt Draper, Director —
Deliver It

Fleetsu Hardware

Smart Capture Devices

Compatible with both light vehicles and heavy trucks, the secure, tamper-proof CANbus device allows you to access all vehicle information in one platform. Access data on engine performance, fuel usage and safety parameters to understand your fleet and costs better.

  • Plug-n-play, no hardwiring required
  • Remote access to vehicle parameters
  • Data plan included
  • Support OEM datasets
  • Access seatbelts, brake, behaviour data

Automatic Data Collection

Remove laborious manual vehicle data entry with Rand McNally Fleetsu’s automation. Keep an always up-to-date data repository with the VIN decoder that auto-populates the vehicle VIN number, make and model to create

With the added ability to connect with Government databases, you can ensure licensing information, including registration numbers and expiration dates are always accurate.

Automatic Fleet Data Capture
Automatic Fleet Data Capture



Drag-n-Drop workflows

Easily customise your workflows with the unique, drag and drop workflow system. Build out workflows in just a few simple steps and activate any system notification you desire. Determine the information you want to know; stationary vehicle, long periods between driver stops, and design a workflow to provide it.


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