Schiavello is a top-100 Australian private company that creates and services world-class work and living environments. As a project-based construction and manufacturing company, Schiavello deals in a compliance-heavy environment. With a manual system of filing and retrieving critical documents, Schiavello team members found it difficult to find documents they needed in a timely fashion, creating potential for non-compliance and risk exposure.

Upstream’s new document management solution delivered process optimisation, audit efficiencies, and compliance mitigation. By digitalising documents, automating processes, and adding smart workflows, Schiavello dramatically reduced its business risk and streamlined its document-reliant processes, saving time and money.

The scanning solution saves our administration team a great deal of time each day, streamlining the processes and ensuring all our documents are available on our Job Cards. This has resulted in massive increased efficiencies in our business. Upstream’s ‘value add’ to our business produced better productivity reinforcing our commitment to them

Lea Hicks, General Manager —
HIX Group

Burbank Australia

Burbank is one of Australia fastest growing residential building companies, having sites in VIC, SA and QLD. With a high volume of job related invoices requiring processing every month, Burbank was looking for a more efficient way to manage this documentation. Upstream implemented a solution that allowed document digitisation, data extraction, purchase order matching, ERP integration, invoice approval workflow and the ability to easily search invoices and documents.

Burbank now have a standardised process implemented across their business. The solution has improved document management and tracking of invoices, with better cashflow, payment management and a reduction in the amount of manual handling. Furthermore, Burbank can manage twice the amount of processing without having to increase their headcount.

Metal Manufactures

Metal Manufactures is a large and diverse Australian company, incorporating a number of businesses involved in electrical wholesaling.

MM identified that Upstream’s could assist in improving their Proof of Delivery (POD) processing along with managing a widely distributed print fleet in over 300 locations.

Upstream’s MM solution incorporated:

  • Print management services
  • Customised forms
  • Document Scanning & Archiving solution
  • Trade counter ‘Sign on Glass’ invoices
  • Mobile POD ‘Sign on Glass’ solutions

Dealing with a high volume of invoices, maintaining and managing POD documentation is crucial to ensuring payment and the efficient running of their business.

Upstream helped to streamline MM’s POD processes with an end to end solution that included invoice creation, information capture, automated workflow and digital archive.

Importantly for MM, the Upstream solution require no system integration and no change to the existing POD’s generation, reducing the need for staff training.

Upstream’s POD solution allowed the automatic and electronic archiving of documents saving hundreds of hours administration time per week. The immediate search and retrieval capability provided improved customer dispute resolution and created faster payment collection. Overall MM experienced a huge reduction in the cost of print volumes and paper consumption, and as well as improved instore customer experience.

With fines of $770 for failing to produce work diaries within 21 days when issued with a ‘Notice to Produce’, Upstream’s solution provides the ability to create custom work diary reports saving Scott’s potentially thousands of dollars in fines.

 Scott’s Refrigerated Freightways —

Austbrokers Countrywide

Austbrokers Countrywide is a medium-sized insurance brokerage established in 1952 with 80+ staff, and more than 15,000 clients. Backed by the AUB Group, Austbrokers Countrywide is focused on ensuring clients have appropriate levels of cover without being over or under insured. In a document-intensive industry, Austbrokers Countrywide need to keep exceptionally tight control over documents and workflows.

Upstream’s automated solution not only helped Austbrokers Countrywide to shift their focus from onerous admin tasks to valuable client interactions, but it also streamlined previously manual and labour intensive processes, achieving greater productivity, visibility, automated workflows, information capture and central data storage.

POD processing time reduced from 2-3 hours per day to just 20 minutes. The level of integration means our staff don’t actually realise that they’re going to a separate system, they just think they’re within our system

 Chris Galante, IT Manager —

Transport Refrigeration Services

Transport Refrigeration Services (TRS) was established over 40 years ago and is a recognised leader in refrigeration services and support. With humble beginnings in repairing refrigeration units on trucks and trailers, TRS has grown to also include vehicle rental and purchase, along with spare parts supply for clients who deliver everything from fresh food to healthcare products.

Suffering under the weight of manual, handwritten forms and processes, Upstream helped to optimise processes and job information collection with a customised eForms and intelligent workflow solution. TRS now enjoy streamlined service and repair processes with easy, instant information retrieval and visibility across a distributed workforce of mobile technicians.

Dominelli Group

The Dominelli Group is privately owned car dealership selling Ford, Mazda, Nissan and Renault. New and used car sales is a competitive business and Dominelli was looking at ways to improve its internal processes and its customer experience. With the assistance of Upstream, the team at Dominelli were able to realise an improved Repair Order and Dealer Pack a state of the art solution.

Upstream’s Repair Order and Deal Pack digital archiving solution allows the automated data extraction of key pieces of information such as the deal number, Repair Order number and car registration. The scanned documents are digitised and electronically stored, and integrated into the Dealer Management system, making them easily retrievable, reducing a significant amount time spent storing and archiving paperwork and improving customer service.

Australian Wholesale Meats

Australian Wholesale Meats (AWM) was established 20 years ago and remains 100 per cent Australian owned and operated. Its mission is to provide superior quality products and services using Australia’s best suppliers, brands, and a professional approach that delivers results to its customers.

Australian Wholesale Meats uses a combination of its own trucks and a third-party transport company to deliver meat to local and interstate butchers. The business works with up to eight different transport companies to supply meat to regional and rural parts of Australia. Largely relying on a paper-based proof of delivery process AWM was experiencing some challenges effectively managing this.

Being a long-time Upstream customer and having evolved from a simple forms and scanning solution to a digital archive solution, AWM worked with Upstream to implement its next generation of digital proof of delivery solutions, ‘Sign-on-Glass’.

The Upstream solution is working perfectly, with 70% of previously manual workload now totally automated.”

Rokon —