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Upstream has partnered with Sypht to bring you easy data capture and extraction, tapping into valuable document data, to optimise information useability and insights, and create real value.

What is Sypht?

Sypht is a cloud-based AI platform that helps businesses unlock valuable data stuck inside documents.

Intelligent, self-learning AI captures and extracts document data, identifies data signals and provides trends and insights.

Simple to use and integrate with, Sypht is the smart, easy and scalable document intelligence solution.

  what is sypht ai platform what is sypht ai platform

Why Sypht?

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Faster data extraction

Quickly process hundreds of documents in just seconds via the cloud-based platform.

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Simple to use

Open API and an intuitive ‘no-code’ UI means it’s easy to use for both developers and end users.

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Easy connection

Seamless integration with market-leading CRM, ERP, RPA, data analytics platforms.

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Immediate Accuracy

Over 90%+ out of the box accuracy, purpose built AI requiring minimal training.

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Human Smarts

Combines Machine Learning, Computer Vision and NLP to not just capture data but also understand it.

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Customise Solution to Suit

Select from purpose-built platform add-ons & AI products to meet your needs. Only pay for what you need.

intelligent data extraction

Utilising Intelligent data extraction

How Upstream uses Sypht to provide revolutionary intelligent document data extraction for our customers

We believe in our partnership so much that Upstream integrates Sypht with our customer solutions to optimise their business processes.

Click the Case Study to check out on how we use Sypht in our business to provide leading edge data extraction solutions for our customers.

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