Automotive businesses work with vast amounts of information covering sales, service, parts, registration, and more. Maintaining quality records is crucial for compliance purposes and to run an effective business. Upstream provides solutions specifically designed to help businesses in the automotive industry manage information more effectively.

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Automotive businesses can feel like they’re drowning in documentation. There are forms and documents associated with every step of the process from receiving the vehicles onto the lot, confirming their safety and compliance certification, preparing quotes and estimates to sell or repair the vehicles, invoice processing, registration and insurance, and transfer documents. Making sure nothing is missed in this complex process is essential.

However, when documents are predominantly in hardcopy format, scattered across employees’ desks, or digitalised but saved in various siloed locations around the business, it can become almost impossible to manage and track documentation in a structured, strategic way, especially if documents are required urgently or for a vehicle audit.

Automotive businesses need a solution to help centralise all the documentation related to a specific vehicle so that they can find the information they need at the touch of a button instead of wasting valuable minutes and hours searching.

Upstream can help.

How Upstream helps automotive businesses work more efficiently

Your automotive business can save time and money by managing information better. This includes printing less in the organisation.

The Upstream solutions for the automotive industry include automated workflows that include reminders and prompts so your team members always know what they need to do to keep processes moving forward. From providing quotes or repair orders to signing contracts and paying invoices, our solutions can help make sure you’ve ticked every box along the way.

This also helps you when it’s time to be audited. Being able to instantly locate all the documents you need for auditors without worrying that outdated or inaccurate information has been included, makes audits a breeze for you and the auditor.

And, when it comes to repair orders systems, invoice processing, and quotes and estimates Upstream delivers tailored systems that reduce the manual burden on your team, lower the risk of errors, and increase productivity.

We’ve helped many automotive businesses streamline their processes, save money, and work more effectively. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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