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As experts in document management, we’ve created customised solutions for the car dealership industry allowing seamless digitisation of paperwork. Transform your Dealer Packs, Repair Orders and Supplier Invoices processes with automation, and free up valuable time and resources.

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Repair Orders

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Dealer Packs

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Account Payable Automation

Partnering with Industry Leaders

We’ve joined forces with the best of breed in the industry, so you can continue working within the software you know and use. The power of our combined expertise means you can rest assured that our dynamic solutions brings out the best in your processes.

Instant Access to repair orders

Protect your business and access Repair Orders digitally at the touch of a button. Digitise, manage and store paper RO’s electronically. Not only increase efficiencies, meet compliance and auditing requirements, but also remove the costs of physical storage and manual processing.

Digitisation means you can also access, search and retrieve critical documents instantly no matter what location, without physically sifting through archive boxes.

digital repair orders

Digital Management of Dealer Packs

Digital Mangement of Dealer Packs

Digitally track, manage and store dealer packs easily in one central location.

Electronically capture and store the physical documents associated with Dealer Packs such as Contracts, Invoices, Registration Paperwork and Trade-In documentation. Easily access them from anywhere, at any time.

In addition our partnerships mean that you can send and store the deal pack files against the deal within the software. Simply open the record and click the link to automatically access the related information. It’s never been easier to view, retrieve and manage the documents in one place .

Digital Management of Dealer Packs

Automate Creditor Invoice Processing

The ease and simplicity of Upstream’s AP automation means that the process can be streamlined from start to finish, giving the all clear for payment. Have peace of mind knowing that key information is recorded and stored accurately, at lightning speed freeing up your Accounts team.

Reduce manual data entry and digitise your creditor invoice approval process, improving the way you manage your creditors invoices with simple Accounts Payable (AP) automation.

From data capture, invoice and PO matching and validation, automated creditor invoice approval workflow to payment processing; you can remove the hassle, time and costs involved through AP automation.

Automate Creditor Invoice Processing

Accounts Payable Automation in Action

invoice capture and data extraction


Automatically capture digital copies of physical, emailed, or scanned invoices in a central location and simultaneously extract key information such as invoice number, data, and amount. This eliminates the need to re-key information, which can be error-prone.


invoice capture and data extraction


Automated workflows capture data entry, payment approval, purchase order verification, and more according to pre-set rules. Invoices are automatically sent for payment. Duplicate identification prevents your business from paying the same invoice twice.


invoice capture and data extraction


Upload the AP data into your existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, giving the team the ability to continue working in the comfort of processes they are used to.


invoice capture and data extraction


Invoices are now ready for your Accounts Team to process within your existing business protocols and systems.


invoice capture and data extraction


Gain insights into your business spending patterns and manage the flow of your resources accordingly. With visibility of invoices ready for processing, outstanding PO’s and projected payments, the accurate and real-time data opens up the door for realising savings and more accurate spending forecasts.


Enjoy the Benefits of implementing an
Upstream Solution

Whether it’s Repair Orders, AP Automation or managing Dealer Packs, here’s just some of the benefits our solutions deliver to dealerships.

Automate workflows to improve efficiencies and digitise processes

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Streamline Accounts payable processes, and reduce missed, duplicate or late payments

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Instant Access to information in one central location

icon Accounts Payable

Reduce data entry, manual processing and spend

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Increase visibility and insights with immediate digital search and retrieval

icon reduce emissions

Remove paper reliance and the cost and risks associated with physical document storage

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