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Professional business services providers like lawyers, financial advisors, accountants, and more, depend on being able to access confidential and sensitive information at a moment’s notice. Furthermore, you need to manage tasks, billing, authorisations, and more. Upstream offers document management solutions for professional business services providers to help you stay on top of the expanding challenge of managing information.

Professional business services solutions that help you improve client services

As a professional business services provider, you’re responsible for providing expert services to your clients while keeping track of your billable hours and disbursements, and keeping confidential information secure. This means you rely on vast volumes of documents that must be accurate, up to date, and secure.

To comply with regulations and legislation, you also need to store copies of that data for prescribed periods of time, often leading to physical storage issues as filing cabinets become full to overflowing and offsite storage becomes essential. Otherwise, valuable office space is assigned to recordkeeping, often costing a fortune.

In most professional business services firms, information is spread out across various locations, from file share servers to individual hard drives, in practice management systems, in email inboxes and even in hard copy folders. This creates a management nightmare when it comes to bringing all that information together to make meaningful use of it.

And, when information is so spread out, how can you tell if you’re accessing the latest version of a document? This can be a problem because, if you send the wrong version of a contract to a client, for example, it could cost your firm money and time, and could affect your relationship with that client.

You need a better way to manage information.

How Upstream helps professional business services firms manage information

Upstream offers document management systems tailored to your professional business services firm’s needs. These systems help you transition from a mix of hardcopy and digital documents to a streamlined digital approach.

We combine document scanning solutions with scanning device software integration, email/correspondence management and archiving, billable hours recording, and authorisation, permission, version control, and security management to deliver an intelligent information management solution that will change the way you work.

With strong integration to practice management systems, you can use this solution to manage your billables, disbursements, project management and more.

Upstream lets you find the documents you need with a single search, no matter where they’re located. All related documents are also automatically surfaced alongside the key documents so you can see everything that’s related to that particular case, matter, or client at a glance.

With documents held in digital form with strong security parameters in place, you no longer have to worry about physical storage requirements. And finding even older, archived documents is just as fast and reliable as finding a document you created yesterday.

This approach saves you time and money, and increases the accuracy of your work.

To find out more about how Upstream can tailor a solution for your professional business services firm, contact us today.

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