What is Hubshare?

Hubshare is a powerful collaboration solution offering a digital workplace portal that enhances user and customer interactions and secure file sharing.

It allows you to connect all your information in one dashboard, and create branded, customised hubs for your customers. Manage all relevant interactions in one view, with the ability to create a limitless number of hubs within one installation.

Hubshare increases customer engagement and business efficiency empowering customers and colleagues to collaborate, connect and work more effectively.

Key Hubshare Features

Secure Access icon

Secure document access

Manage Large Files icon

Manage Large Files

Document Co-authoring icon

Process & Document Co-Authoring

Process Workflows icon

Task & Process Workflows

Powerful Data icon

Powerful Data Visualisation

Branded Customer Workspace icon

Branded Customer Workspace

Hubshare Powers Up Your M-Files Content

Enhance your M-Files experience through a seamless Hubshare integration that displays documents to your customers in an innovative branded portal. This way, giving them access to their confidential files anywhere, anytime.

Hubshare allows you to access and share documents without taking them out of M-Files.

Extend the Power of M-Files to Your Customer Experience

  • Improve the digital customer experience
  • One single hub of truth for you and your customers
  • Enhance your key business transactions
  • Maintain top-notch security and compliance

hubshare screenshot
hubshare screenshot

Enhance Customer Interactions & Collaboration with Seamless Integration

Digital Customer Portal

Create a customer portal and integrate their relevant documents and data through one portal with one login, providing customers with easy self access to their information.

Secure File Sharing

Build secure hubs to share documents and allow your clients and staff to access it any time, from any device without compromising security.


Collaborate on files, tasks, deadlines and information from your integrated systems, anytime, anywhere from any device.

Project Management

All files, tasks, assignments and comments are in one place so project progression can easily be tracked and deadlines met.

Knowledge Sharing

Share resources and files with colleagues and customers, and easily keep track of updates and changes.

Intranet & Extranet

Securely and easily create and share documents using Hubshare to provide internal intranet and boost productivity.

Branding & Business Development

Customise the portal interface to create a unique display with your customers details and brand.

Team Collaboration

Efficiently create hubs for each relevant project, centralising all files, deadlines and comments.

Customer Self Service

Empower your customers with instant access to their data, and improve the process efficiency and productivity within your team.

Upstream & Hubshare

M-Files Global Partner of the Year 2018

We’re world experts in delivering and pioneering M-Files solutions like Hubshare. We understand the power of Hubshare, and can help you explore how you can optimise this powerful collaboration platform to deliver real value to your business, and importantly your customers.

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