Proof of Delivery

Gone are the days when proof of delivery (POD) required multiple signatures on carbonised paper. But your business depends on being able to track deliveries and get fast access to the information on delivery dockets. Upstream’s POD solution helps you manage this process without changing your existing systems.

Traditional proof of delivery processes cost you time and money

Gaining instant visibility into transactional documents, especially proof of delivery (POD) documents, can help you run your business more smoothly and accurately, and let you see at a glance what’s been delivered, where, when, and by whom.
Old-fashioned, manual POD processes are inefficient, error-prone, and costly. The value of an automated process is that it addresses these challenges. For example:

  • traditional processes require double handling and manual data entry, which takes time and is open to errors
  • matching and tracking unreturned documents is time consuming and frustrating
  • physically filing handwritten documents takes up storage space and makes it hard to find documents later if needed
  • responding to customer enquiries takes too long because information isn’t available at your fingertips.

How Upstream’s POD digitisation solutions can help

Upstream offers a range of proof of delivery solutions that can dramatically alter the way you manage deliveries.
Here’s how it works:

  1. You scan returned PODs to initial verification and workflow.
  2. Automated data extraction means key metadata is automatically extracted and captured.
  3. PO/POD matching compares returned PODs to generated POs to create exception reports and identify outstanding dockets.
  4. You can now search, view, and access dockets instantly and digitally.

Managing transactional documents has never been easier. We also provide:

  • automated barcode solutions
  • document recognition
  • document storage and retrieval services
  • digital signature capture.

The benefits of our proof of delivery solutions include:

  • no more double handling or keying errors because automated data extraction removes the need for this manual process
  • instant visibility into unreturned dockets so you can action them properly
  • searchability so you can find old dockets immediately when required for audits or other purposes
  • digital access and retrieval so you no longer need to allocate physical storage space to proof of delivery documents
  • improved customer service with information readily available at the touch of a button.

Upstream has helped thousands of businesses like yours improve proof of delivery processes, so contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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