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Whatever your challenge or process, we’ve got you covered.

Upstream offers solutions for the transport and logistics industry that help streamline processes and reduce paperwork and manual processing.  Whether you’re managing proof of delivery, risk and compliance, document management or asset and fleet management, Upstream’s holistic offering has got you covered.

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Comprehensive Solutions
for Transport & Logistics

We understand the many challenges around the maintaining and managing the vast and varied documents from invoices, POD’s, picking slips, chain of responsibility forms, to compliance and fleet management.

That’s why we’ve developed a holistic suite of solutions to help reduce manual processes and improve efficiencies. Whatever your challenge, we can provide a tailored solution to improve and streamline your process. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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Chain of Responsibility

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Fleet & Asset Management

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Accounts Payable

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Mobility & Field Operations

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Content Management Workflow

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Information Access

Proof of Delivery Solutions

Proof of Delivery Solutions

Enhance your Proof of Delivery (POD) processes and ensure the smooth running of your business critical operations. Track delivery related paperwork and gain quick access to the docket information.

Whether it’s through simple scanning solutions or implementing a completely digitised POD solution, you can streamline processes and improve your visibility, workflow and access.

  • Better processes with digitised paperwork
  • Reduced labour with automated data extraction and capture
  • Digital docket matching and visibility of outstanding dockets
  • Instant information access and retrieval
  • Improved customer service and faster invoice payment

Our Proof of Delivery Solution in Action

Upstream offers a range of proof of delivery solutions that can dramatically alter the way you manage deliveries.
Here’s how it works:

POD Workflow


Capture the POD transaction digitally or physically, and initiate the verification and workflow process.


POD capture and data extraction


Automated data extraction means key metadata is automatically extracted and captured.


POD match records and exceptions flagged


PO/POD matching compares returned PODs to generated POs to create exception reports and identify outstanding dockets.


Access POD dockets instantly


You can now search, view, and access dockets instantly and digitally, improving your customer service.


Digitise Your POD Process

with ‘SIGN ON GLASS’ Technology

No longer do delivery drivers have to carry hardcopy consignment notes, third-party logistics documentation, delivery instructions, invoices, purchase orders, and proof of delivery (PODs) documentation. Instead, all of this paperwork can be stored on a tablet or even a smartphone.

Sign on Glass technology means drivers can get proof of delivery and manage supplier invoice processing instantly, and you can track the progress of deliveries at any time. Digitisation means you can access the portal for an instant view of what’s been delivered and what remains to be delivered.

proof of delivery solutions

Improve cashflow, streamline processes and gain visibility with Sign on Glass (SoG) technology. A SoG solution can improve your entire process digitally, from signature capture to document workflow and access, and with so much functionality, SoG Mobile can be used for:

  • Deliveries & Distribution – including Driver Manifest & PODs
  • Transactional Documents
  • Service & Maintenance processes
  • Compliance Checks & Requirements

Simple to use and navigate, Sign on Glass Mobile replaces existing paper processes, giving you digital visibility and control. Reduce the potential for error, missing signatures or dockets, disputed payments and delays in processing and access.

Some of the benefits of digitising onsite or delivery processes include:

  • Intelligent workflow; digital job allocation, approvals, data upload
  • Multiple proof points; photo capture, geotagging, signature capture
  • Better customer experience; instant document access and information sharing

Sign on Glass technology means drivers can get proof of delivery and manage supplier invoice processing instantly, and you can track the progress of deliveries at any time. Digitisation means you can access the portal for an instant view of what’s been delivered and what remains to be delivered.

How Our Mobile Sign on Glass Solution Works

Manage your entire process digitally, from signature capture to document workflow and access. Customisable, and tailored to suit your company branding, SoG Mobile lets you incorporate the modules important to your business needs.
Here’s how it works:

Mobile Sign on Glass Generate job dockets


Using your existing system, simply publish documents digitally to the device instead of printing on paper.


Mobile Sign on Glass Process transaction


Complete the entire transaction digitally, from document & electronic signature capture to automated workflow.


Mobile Sign on Glass Access PODs and documents digitally and instantly


Easily store, search and retrieve documents including PODs, allowing seamless and reliable customer service.

Check out just some of the ways ‘Sign on Glass’ can optimise your business and address challenges.


Comprehensive Fleet & Asset Management

Comprehensive Fleet & Asset Management

Transform your fleet and asset management with a comprehensive connected telematic solution, enabling you to instantly view, analyse and utilise fleet data to protect and optimise your assets and people.

Take control of your business through innovative and real-time data insights. Our fleet management software, Fleetsu, helps protect lives, reduce costs and create business efficiencies.

Built with numerous features such as vehicle location, fuel consumption data, automatic digital logbooks, driver safety capture, geo-fencing, comprehensive vehicle data, automated alerts and customisable data platform, to name a few, Fleetsu provides valuable insight into business critical variables.

Tap into the Benefits of a
Fleet Management Solution

Take control of your business through innovative and real-time insights into your assets and people.

Business Optimisation

• Fleet utilisation – maximise revenue

• FBT Reporting & Fuel Tax Credits

• Justify & improve purchasing decisions

save lives icon

Save Lives

• Monitor & improve driver behaviour

• Improve safety

• Prevent accidents, reduce speeding & harsh driving

icon real-time updates

Real-Time Updates

• Know where your assets are 24/7 in real-time

• Live odometer readings

• Engine faults and hours

icon Accounts Payable

Reduce Costs

• Lower fuel consumption

• Avoid breakdowns and major, critical repairs

• Maximise the life of your assets

• Reduce vehicle idling with report insights

icon Mobility & Field Operations

Customised Alerts & Dashboards

• Powerful DIY Workflow Builder

• Create custom rules such as speeding alerts

• Automate service scheduling

icon reduce emissions

Reduce Emissions

• Grow your EV Fleet with confidence

• Easily view EV & charging station information all in one place

Chain of Responsibility Solutions

Protect your business with a digital Safety Management solution and ensure your supply chain processes are compliant with the Chain of Responsibility (CoR) regulations. Reduce the risk of fines, safety hazards, prosecution or worse, to keep your business safe with a CoR solution.

Take a proactive approach to risk management, avoid foreseeable risks, and be audit ready ensuring you have the correct documentation required and processes to safeguard your people and business.

A digital Safety Management solution helps to ensure you meet your CoR responsibility.

  • Streamline processes; electronic data capture, including driver information, registration details, entering & leaving site
  • Increase Safety; verified process checklists, visitor inductions, digital workflows, approvals and alerts
  • Improve Information sharing; digital capture and sharing of CoR information between all parties
  • Increased Visibility; who’s on site, vehicle ‘Time in attendance’ tracking, detailed Loader and Driver checks
  • Better compliance management; audit ready, automated robust document and record safety processes
  • Information Access; real-time document visibility, retrieval and storage
Chain of Responsibility Workflow Solutions

Adopting digital processes for Chain of Responsibility can help ensure safety and compliance. Protect your company with an automated solution to reduce risk.


Don’t Know where to Start?
We do.

Not ready to go fully digital? Upstream can still add significant value helping you automate existing processes to streamline manual input, processing, and validation.

Whether it’s POD, asset management or OH&S processes, our team can work with you to help identify where to start and which areas you can improve to provide optimal value to your business.

Get in touch to start your journey.