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Transport and logistics businesses have to cope with challenges around rising fuel costs, increased traffic, changes in consumer behaviours, and supply chains that are being reshaped by evolving customer demands. Amidst these challenges, transport and logistics organisations still have to manage distribution processes and compliance requirements, which is paperwork-heavy. Upstream offers solutions for transport and logistics businesses to help reduce the amount of paper and manual processing they have to deal with.

Transport and logistics solutions that cut down on paperwork and labour

Transport and logistics companies have to comply with stringent regulations and legislation, as well as effectively track and manage deliveries. The resulting paperwork pile can become enormous and create administrative nightmares for staff members.

Upstream turns all of these manual, handwritten pieces of paper into digital documents that can be added to automated workflows, saving massive amounts of time, money, and energy. Whether through automated barcode recognition of documents, data and content extraction, or any one of our customised modules, we make documents easy to digitise, process, and search.

No longer do delivery drivers have to carry hardcopy consignment notes, third-party logistics documentation, delivery instructions, compliance and quality assurance documentation, invoices, purchase orders, and proof of delivery (PODs) documentation. Instead, all of this paperwork can be stored on a tablet or even a smartphone.

Sign on Glass technology means drivers can get proof of delivery and manage supplier invoice processing instantly, so transport and logistics companies can track the progress of deliveries at any time throughout the day. Managers simply access the transactional documents search portal to get an instant overarching view of what’s been delivered that day and what remains to be delivered.

Not ready to go fully digital? Upstream can still add significant value helping you automate existing paper processes by adding smart technology to streamline manual input, processing, and validation.

Whether mobile or paper-based, our solution can implement things like docket reconciliation and exception reporting to show managers where deliveries weren’t made or picked up as planned so manual intervention can take place. This helps easily identify missing paperwork or outstanding jobs, allowing you to quickly address and rectify them to help close off deliveries and issues, and get paid sooner.

How Upstream helps transport and logistics businesses maintain compliance

Upstream offers solutions to help transport and logistics businesses maintain compliance. Our solutions help manage your documentation and can even provide alerts to let you know certifications or licences are about to expire. You can then act to renew them before your business falls out of compliance.

Our solutions can also help with vehicle and asset management, maintenance, and incident management.

We offer a full portfolio of services that are ideal for transport and logistics businesses. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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