Visitor Sign in & Contractor Compliance

Visitor sign in and contractor compliance is about keeping your business secure, your contractors compliant, and your people safe. Regardless of what industry you’re in, you can’t have unauthorised people wandering around your premises or worksite. Upstream offers visitor sign in and contractor compliance solutions that manage your visitors, contractors, and staff digitally.

Visitor sign in and contractor compliance solutions that keep your operations safe

Digital visitor and contractor compliance management can take the headache out of managing visitors, contractors, and staff. With visitor check in systems and contractor compliance assurance, you can be sure that everyone on your premises is accounted for and authorised to be there.

In an emergency or safety incident, being able to account for everyone’s whereabouts is crucial. This is even more pronounced if your premises are sensitive, such as a school, healthcare facility, government facility, or other restricted-access premises.

Upstream offers comprehensive and purpose-built systems to help you manage visitor check in, contractor compliance, evacuation and emergency notifications, and more.

Our systems include:

  • visitor check in systems
  • contractor compliance management
  • induction and safey module for onsite entrance
  • time and attendance systems
  • evacuation and emergency notifications
  • visitor security systems
  • digital visitor sign in and visitor arrival alerts
  • LinkSafe integration
  • student arrival and departure management
  • LinkSafe contractor management
  • Working with Children live validation.

The right visitor sign in and contractor compliance solution for your organisation

Upstream has developed visitor sign in and contractor compliance systems for all industries with specific modules for key industries including construction, primary and secondary education, and general corporate use.

uDoc SignIn

Ideal for any environment, this solution helps you manage visitors, contractors, and staff digitally. With photo capture of each visitor at sign in, it improves security. You can automatically validate contractor credentials and insurance by linking with contractor validation systems such as LinkSafe or using the inbuilt portal.

The system lets you keep track of staff through a live dashboard so, if an emergency occurs, you can account for everyone’s safety immediately. You can also track time and attendance for accurate wages and reporting of time onsite for staff and contractors. One-click emergency notification capabilities let you stay in touch if there’s a lockdown or emergency.

The primary and secondary education versions of uDoc SignIn also digitally record students’ movements around campus, capturing late arrivals and early departures. Automated workflows notify parents, guardians, and student services of these movements automatically in real-time via SMS or email, so unexplained absences are noticed right away.

The system can run immediate WWC checks to ensure visitors to the school are authorised to work with children, keeping students safe.

Workplace and school safety shouldn’t be left to chance. Upstream’s visitor sign in and contractor compliance solution helps manage safety and induction requirements to protect your school or business. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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