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Building and construction businesses face ever-increasing requirements for documentation and compliance. Streamlining and digitalising these workflows can deliver significant cost savings and improve compliance. Upstream provides workflow solutions that help building and construction businesses stay ahead of the curve.

Building and construction workflow solutions that save time and keep your business compliant

The building and construction industry is paperwork-intensive. Capturing and indexing the daily paperwork can be complex and time consuming, as well as error-prone. Handwritten documents can be lost, site managers have to visit the office to submit paperwork, and information could be entered incorrectly by accident.

Uploading relevant documents into existing business management tools can also be difficult. These documents can include purchase orders, work orders, safety checklists, certificates, and even photographs. Physically scanning and saving these documents manually requires hours of work each day from staff members who could add more value doing something else.

Furthermore, there are associated risks and lack of efficiency associated with the time delay in accessing critical information.

Upstream offers customised solutions that streamline and automate this workflow, freeing up staff to contribute in other ways and reducing related risks.

How Upstream helps building and construction firms operate more efficiently

Managing a building project is a huge task, whether it’s a residential, commercial, or industrial project. With every step of the process accompanied by a flurry of documents, it’s important to have a reliable, systematic approach to managing these documents.

Upstream’s building and construction solution offers:

  • electronic forms and mobility capabilities
  • instant digital information capture
  • automated process and approval workflow triggers
  • compliance and audit safeproofs and checks
  • credentials and licensing validation
  • document version control and audit trails
  • digital storage, access, and retrieval from anywhere.

Here’s what that means for your building and construction firm:

  • all compliance and operational information is available in one place for anytime access
  • jobs are digitalised for immediate visibility and flexibility
  • staff receive automatic job notification alerts and job sheets are created at the touch of a button
  • jobsheets, timesheets, plans, invoices, dockets, and other work information are stored and easily retrievable
  • you can manage inductions and certifications more accurately, plus get alerts when certifications or licenses are about to expire so you can proactively renew them
  • you can see which staff are certified and competent in which areas so you always roster the right staff members for the right jobs
  • asset management is made simple
  • mobile access lets site managers submit reports from on site
  • manual processes are replaced with more efficient automated workflows
  • safety and compliance regulations are met easily and assuredly.

Upstream has developed customised solutions to digitise and streamline workflows, creating mobility and saving time and money, for building and construction firms around Australia. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.


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