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Upstream provides document management and content management solutions that help Australian businesses of all sizes manage information, both electronic and physical, more effectively and efficiently.

Managing information effectively can help your business sharpen its competitive edge. In an era when doing more with less is less of a competitive advantage and more of a business requirement, improving processes in your business can deliver significant benefits.

As businesses shift from paper-based process to digital workflows, the time savings and cost efficiencies start to add up. Document Management Solutions (DMS) can streamline your processes with automated workflows that keep documents moving. From creation to approvals, all the way to digital archiving, these solutions eliminate the manual burden and risk associated with content management.

Our solutions are modular,
meaning we’ll only implement what you need.

Document & Content Solutions that
optimise your business digitally

No matter what the business processes, it always involves documents and content. As experts in document management, we’ve got a whole range of solutions across multiple processes to help you streamline and create efficiencies.

Here’s just a few of the areas where we can help streamline and improve how you manage the document processes.

Proof of Delivery

icon Chain of Responsibility

Chain of Responsibility

icon Fleet & Asset Management

Fleet & Asset Management

icon Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable

icon Mobility & Field Operations

Mobility & Field Operations

icon Content Management Workflow

Content Management Workflow

icon Data Capture

Data Capture

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icon Information Access

Information Access

Automated Workflows

Ever wish there was a better way to manage manual and paper-based tasks, to mitigate missed steps, improve slow processing time or reduce related errors and risks? Workflow automation is the answer. No matter what business process you’re looking to improve, adding automation and smarts to digitise your manual steps will help transform your processes.

automated workflows dms

DMS instant search

Instant Search & Access

Sometimes finding the right document when you need it seems impossible. Where was that file saved? Who edited it last? Am I using the right version? A good document management solution allows you to easily access, view and manage the information, no matter where it may be saved.

DMS instant search

Manage Compliance & Risk

Managing compliance and risk is a critical business element, and yet at times bad processes or lack of any can leave our business vulnerable to serious consequences. Whether you’re adhering to government legislation, managing staff credentials and licences, working with sensitive information or ensuring OH&S procedures are met, DMS can help automate and set important compliance protocols.

Make sure processes, regulations and standards are met by implementing digital workflows to ensure you staff ontop of risk. Enforces important compliance controls and ensure the right people always get the right information. Organize, manage and track every quality document, process and task without any of the inconvenience.

DMS compliance

Staff Satisfaction

Reduce Costs, Inefficiencies and Stress

Implementing document management solutions in your business processes, reduces processing costs, while improving efficiencies, staff satisfaction and providing better customer service. Staff can focus on contributing in more valuable ways, and customer enquiries and processes can be managed and resolved better.

Staff Satisfaction

Integrate with existing systems

Link with your existing CRM or systems to create holistic solutions to manage your documents and processes. Seamlessly manage all of your information through integrated workflows, visibility and reporting tools, and reduce double handling and multiple information silos across the business.

CRM Integration

comprehensive DMS

Comprehensive Document Management Solutions

We understand the many challenges around the maintaining and managing the vast and varied documents in a business.

That’s why we’ve developed an award winning holistic suite of solutions to help reduce manual processes and improve efficiencies. Whatever your challenge, we can provide a tailored solution to improve and streamline your process.

comprehensive DMS

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