What is Databuild?

Databuild is an Australian developed business management software for the building and construction industry. It allows you to store your business information in one integrated system so that everyone is using the same information.

Easily tap into the data and create reliable reports, giving you visibility and insights, creating real value for your business.

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Upstream & Databuild
Optimising your Invoice & Accounts Payable Processes

Already using Databuild? It’s time to maximise its potential.

Upstream integrates with Databuild to optimise your Accounts Payable and Invoice processes, providing a holistic AP solution. Automate data capture, invoice workflow and approval management, to streamline processes making them faster, easier and cheaper to manage.

The ease and simplicity of Upstream’s AP integration with Databuild means that the process can be streamlined from start to finish. Have peace of mind knowing that key information is recorded and stored accurately, at lightning speed, freeing up your Accounts team and removing manual processes.

Benefits of Accounts Payable Integration with Databuild

Reduce costs

On average, automating your accounts payable process can reduce costs up to 46%.1

Gain real-time visibility

Get a complete, real-time view of your expenditure and enhance your reporting

Better compliance

Mitigate risks with well-defined processes and audit trails for approvals

No more bottlenecks

Pay on time, streamline approvals, automate data entry, and easily match POs to invoices.

Easy data access

Retrieve invoice and account documents easily, reducing costs associated with storing and securing paper-based files.

Remove manual tasks

By automating your process, you free up your accounts team to focus on more important tasks.

We know Construction

With customised solutions for building and construction, we understand the challenges faced by the industry.

Upstream has helped numerous construction companies around Australia digitise and streamline workflows, creating efficiency, mobility and saving time and money. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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Just some of the Building & Construction customers we’ve helped

Customers – Residential Sector

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