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Use the power of finance automation to optimise accounts payable, accounts receivable, and cash management processes for growth

As your business grows, the flow of accounts payable and receivable grows, and cash management plays a more critical role. More transactions, more suppliers, more clients, more complexity.

Choose a finance automation that can grow with you. You’ll also experience fewer errors, transparent management of all core accounting functions, freeing up employee time from repetitive work to chase growth opportunities and build client relationships.

Finance automation solutions can speed up and enhance accounts payable, expense management, and accounts receivable processes while reducing costs, risks, and errors.

Using a combination of software and professional services, our team of FUJIFILM Upstream Solutions experts can work with you to design a finance automation solution for business growth using reliable, industry-leading platforms.

Use strategic financial management to transform your business

Financial management is the heartbeat of all businesses. And it goes beyond good accounting.

This is not news to any C-suite member. But in our evolving business climate, it usually falls to the ‘money people’ to lead digital transformation, provide reliable financial information, and effectively manage costs.

In Gartner’s 2024 finance executive priorities survey of 185 CFOs’ 2024 priorities, achieving successful outcomes in finance transformation was the top concern, showing that “70% of finance transformations are either less impactful or moving slower than expected.”

Partnering with the IT department for optimal results certainly goes a long way. But the right technology must also be well-accepted and adopted by finance employees of various ages and stages.

Let us help you introduce real improvements with finance automation and bring your team on the digital transformation journey while improving productivity and maintaining compliance.

Automate accounts payable and expense management

Digitise the accounts payable (AP) process to automate the entire AP process from start to finish. Minimise manual labour when it comes to receipting invoices, verifying vendors, reviewing invoices, approving invoices, and paying invoices.

Save time and money, improve visibility and control, and reduce the tedious workload that manually processing invoices involves. All while keeping your suppliers happy and paid on time.

Accounts payable and expense management automation in action

Invoice capture and extraction

Automatically capture digital copies of your invoices (scanned, emailed, or physical), key information is extracted and stored in a centralised location.

Simplified workflow

Workflows capture data entry, match invoices to P.Os, payment approval, and invoice validation, all based on your preset approval flows.

ERP integration

The data is then uploaded into your existing ERP system.

Payment processing

Invoices are automatically directed to your accounts team to process.

Visibility and insights

Gain real-time visibility of invoices ready for processing, outstanding POs and projected payments.

Expect these benefits from automating accounts payable processes

Simplified invoice processing

The ease and simplicity of AP automation means that the process can be streamlined from start to finish, from creating an invoice through to approval and execution. All information is recorded and stored safely and accurately, freeing up your accounts team.

Automated PO and invoice matching

Turn around invoices in a fraction of the usual time. Automatically match invoices and purchase orders, and identify variances or outstanding invoices easily.

Payments on time, every time

Faster approval capture with automated AP allows for rapid processing of payments, increasing your ability to meet payment terms.

Streamlined approval management

Set customised workflows to digitally route invoices to the right delegate for approval. Track and trigger follow-up for unactioned items. Minimise unnecessary delays, misplacing invoices, or multiple prints.

Automate accounts receivable

Seamless and responsive account management and professional, repeat-business customer relationships are the minimum standards most businesses work to attain. The accounts receivable process (AR), from initial account set-up to payment and reconciliation is critical to business survival.

Late payment or non-payment of accounts is a massive business risk. You have your own suppliers and employees to pay, and the business needs investment. While you can’t always control revenue flow, you can take steps to ensure your accounts receivable workflows are as proactively efficient as the latest technology will allow.

Experience the power of finance automation that effortlessly gives you the power to get paid faster, secure your revenue, and optimise your cash flow and staff resources, all with total dashboard visibility and control of cash flow and liabilities.

Accounts receivable automation in action

Account creation

Establish and validate accounts, with regard to credit risk, local regulations, and compliance requirements.

Invoice generation and delivery

Create and deliver invoices based on customer’s preferences and local requirements. Automatically deliver to customer AP portals.

Payment processing

Provide an online self-service payment facility and customer portal with automated responsive interaction.


Ensure all outstanding accounts are being followed up with preset strategies.

Allocation of payments and customer reconciliation

Allocate incoming payments promptly to ensure efficient resourcing and cash flow.

Expect these benefits from automating accounts receivable processes

Get paid faster

Use automation to onboard customers, control credit risk, and reduce bad debt write-offs.

Ensure your invoices are received and actioned by the customer

Reduce invoice processing costs with automation and get instant notification of delivery errors.

Optimise your collections process

Automated reminders, preset alerts, and prioritised action listings to increase staff success and job satisfaction. Resolve issues fast and monitor performance with real-time dashboards.

Make it easy for third parties to make payment to your business

Versatile, comprehensive payment methods and online accessibility make it possible to pay from almost anywhere. Offer early payment discounts or autopay to boost cash flow. And make reconciliation painless through accurate remittance reporting.

Reduce the risk of duplicate payments

Our automated solution checks for duplicate invoices and helps prevent duplicate payments for the same invoice, removing manual monitoring, chasing up refunds or mismanaged money.

Accelerate cash allocation

Improve cash allocation efficiency with smart remittance management and identify deductions and disputes easily.

Banish growing pains and make room for expansion with finance automation solutions

Digital transformation is far from optional in a competitive environment and in challenging economic times. It’s the game-changer that unlocks possibilities for strong growth with better productivity and tightly controlled spending. Consider how your accounting roadblocks will dissipate and how your competitive advantage will grow.

Happier customers

Customers expect fast service. With automated processing, create accurate invoices with the touch of a button. Reducing manual workloads means less time spent on repeated finance tasks and more time spent on what really matters – your customers.

360° view of customer activity

Effortless management of customer information is possible using the customer dashboard that shows every interaction and status of orders and payments.

Reduced paper reliance

Digitising the processing, storing, and accessing of your accounting documents means reducing reliance on paper, printing costs and the risk of misplacement, along with the space issues of physical filing and retrieval.

Smarter resource allocation

Time, resources, paper – it all adds costs to your business. Increase accuracy and the number of invoices processed, while reducing the time it normally takes! Recovered time and resources can be directed elsewhere.

Better external relationships

Missing payment deadlines can strain otherwise good business partnerships. Chasing creditors is disheartening and time-consuming. Automation means that your invoices are accurately paid in accordance with payment terms, and payments are received and correctly allocated to keep the cash flowing.

Improved staff satisfaction

Removing the mundane elements of important everyday accounting actions reduces employee stress. It also creates the opportunity for value-added work and a better workplace environment with happier staff.

Complete access, visibility, and control

Digital capture and tracking make it easier and quicker to detect and resolve errors. Real-time reporting creates accurate, actionable insights and proactive management opportunities.

Get the right finance automation partners

In today’s fast-paced world, businesses of all sizes still struggle with a paper-heavy legacy slowing their digital future and creating drag on that bottom line. We understand your dilemma. At FUJIFILM Upstream Solutions, we work with you to find and implement the right solution for your business, choosing the technology and partners that tick all your boxes. Our technology partners are industry leading.

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