What is Nexus ERP?

Nexus ERP delivers exceptional functionality across its modules in the Core Financials area as well as Inventory Control, Warehouse Management, Purchasing, Sales and POS for day to day business operations.

Developed locally, Nexus ERP is customisable, expandable, and integrates with mobile apps, sophisticated Warehouse Management Systems, as well as state of the art BI packages. Manage your entire delivery process digitally, from signature capture to document access using Nexus Document Centre.

digital delivery solution

The Upstream Nexus Partnership

Upstream and Nexus have partner to bring you optimised solutions that helps your business work smarter, digitally.

Using the trusted Nexus Delivery platform, this partnership means you can continue enjoy your familiar Nexus interface with the added benefits of innovative technology such as Sign on Glass and digitisation, allowing you to streamline Proof of Delivery processes, reduce paper and minimise duplication even further.

digital delivery solution

Secure Deliveries with Nexus Delivery

Simple to use and navigate, Nexus Delivery replaces existing paper processes for Proof of
Delivery (POD), giving you digital visibility & control.

Providing flexibility for mobility and field operations, Nexus Delivery helps manage:

delivery and distribution icon

Deliveries and Distribution

including Driver Manifest & PODs

Transactional Documents icon

Transactional Documents

Compliance Checks Icon

Compliance Checks
& Requirements

Packed with Features, Nexus Delivery adds Real Value

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Digital Job Allocation

Not only streamline the entire process with digitisation but easily generate dockets in your Nexus ERP and seamlessly create daily jobs that you can assign to drivers digitally through the Portal.

GPS Vehicle Tracking icon

Optimum Routing & GPS Vehicle Tracking

Optimise routes by auto populating the most efficient delivery routes or edit and select your own through the Portal or Tablet. Stay in the know with GPS tracking of daily deliveries, real time job progress and current vehicle location.

Multiple Points of Proof Icon

Better Customer Engagement

Take your customer service to new levels. Whether it’s the digitised experience, SMS delivery notification, immediate customer email copy or improved enquiry resolution, delight not only your customers, but your Accounts and Administration teams with your information agility and instant access.

Visibility & Control

Enhance your visibility, control and access to comprehensive job information. All delivery details and associated metadata – signatures, photo’s, geotagging and notes, are captured and associated to the document and immediately accessible by office staff in the Portal. Secure specific documents or views by setting permission and access rules based on your company policy and hierarchy.

Added Compliance Icon

Added Compliance

Include checklists such as ‘Product Quality’, ‘Vehicle Safety Checks’ and ‘Driver/Vehicle Job Logs’ to manage compliance processes and mitigate liability. What’s more, add rules allowing access to job runs only on completion of compliance checks. Enhance functionality by adding Upstream’s workflow solutions for notifications, follow up actions and due date reminders.

icon customer engagement

Multiple Points of Proof

Never get caught out by lack of delivery evidence again. Not only can you digitally capture customer details and signature, you can also add additional proof of transaction such as photo capture, geotagging and time stamping on delivery completion. Include notes in the case of damaged, incorrect, incomplete or non-accepted goods, and automatically trigger follow up actions based on pre-determined rules or notes.

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