How eForms are transforming processes in building and construction

If your construction firm is like most, you may find yourself regularly drowning in paperwork. The sheer volume of paper-based forms and information you need to manage as part of any project can quickly become overwhelming if everything goes well, not to mention if a piece of paper goes missing.

eForms and document management solutions can turn these paper-based processes into semi-automated, digital workflows that make your life easier and help your firm manage compliance more effectively.

Traditionally, compliance-based forms like site inductions, safety checks, licensing and certification, and more have been managed on handwritten pieces of paper. This creates a significant burden in terms of manual work and it also introduces the possibility that crucial documents could go missing, be damaged, or become illegible.  

Even construction and building firms undertaking the simple task of storing these forms by scanning them and saving them once they’re completed, doesn’t mitigate the workload burden faced by administrative staff. In fact, it can add to that burden and prevent those staff members from doing more valuable activities. In addition, manually storing information on servers often creates additional challenges should that information need to be retrieved at a later date. Trying to navigate where something may be saved, what it’s called and how it was filed can be like finding a needle in a haystack, wasting valuable time.  

If you want your building and construction firm to become more efficient and productive, not to mention more profitable, it may be time to consider eForm solutions and document workflow automation.

Here’s how it works:

  • eForms replace paper-based forms with a digital version
  • fields are automatically pre-filled with key information
  • links to automated smart workflows are  added
  • eForms are integrated with other systems so you don’t have to manually enter data
  • information is automatically sent back to the office so workers don’t have to take forms back to be scanned in and processed.

Speeding up the pace of business

Digital forms with remote document access can dramatically speed up the pace of your company, letting you compete more effectively and get more jobs done in less time. Some of the ways eForms can help you do this include:

  • workers can fill out forms onsite, ensuring crucial inductions and safety checklists are completed faster and more accurately so they can get on with the project
  • migitate any compliance risks, ensuring any incomplete or inaccurate information can be identified and rectified on the spot
  • anyone who’s authorised to access the forms can do so immediately, as soon as they’ve been uploaded
  • approvals and decisions can be made faster since there’s no need to wait for the information to be circulated in hard copy; everyone sees the information at the same time
  • remote and mobile document access means workers can be productive from the road or the project site, not just in the office
  • document storage is managed automatically so you don’t need physical filing cabinets and staff members don’t have to decide where to save electronic versions
  • when it’s audit time, you can find all the relevant documentation immediately, saving time and helping you meet compliance requirements
  • sign on glass technology lets you get people’s signatures on eForms on the spot, delivering greater efficiency and providing proof that the information on the form is correct
  • not having to decipher messy or even illegible handwriting saves time onsite, letting your team complete jobs sooner.

The benefits of eForms and automated workflows can help your company reduce manual work, improve accuracy, and compete more effectively. To find out how we can help your building and construction firm get more work while saving on costs, contact Upstream today.