M-Files & MYOB Connector Now Available for Accounts Payable

Upstream are excited to announce the immediate availability of our M-Files MYOB Connector.

This allows synchronisation of Vendors, Purchase Orders, Bills, GL Codes and Jobs from MYOB to M-Files.  It also allows uploading of invoice data directly to MYOB from M-Files

By combining the two systems, Upstream can provide an Accounts Payable Automation Solution, encompassing automatic data extraction from invoices, electronic workflow approval on any device, and upload of invoice information to MYOB, including linking to jobs.

This can be deployed in the cloud, on premise or a hybrid of both.

Whether your business is managing invoice payments, invoice generation, expenses, payroll or taxes in MYOB, the software offers a myriad of value.

And now with Upstream’s M-Files MYOB connector, that value just got a whole lot bigger.  For the first time, you can now implement a full accounts payable automation solution, straight into your existing MYOB software.

Using your MYOB software the connector enhances your existing investment to provide AP automation.  That means there’s no need to change your processes or systems to get the full benefits of Accounts Payable Automation.

The MYOB & M-Files external connector provides bio-directional synchronisation of your Purchase Orders, Vendors, GL codes, Bills and tax invoices, allowing direct upload into MYOB from M-Files.  It facilitates two-way communication between the platforms, so no matter which of the systems the information is captured, it’s always available to the other.

Why is this technology integration so exciting? Because it means that any business running MYOB can now dive straight into AP Automation easily.  For many SMBs, the common concerns about AP automation include the cost of automation, investing in a new financial software or the need to change to existing business processes.  But this connector helps overcome those hurdles.

Adding Accounts Payable Automation to you processes allows your business to:

  • Automatically capture and extract key field data, removing manual data entry and allowing your staff to refocus their time on more valuable activities
  • Automate the invoice approval process to improve the speed of payment so you can meet payment terms and leverage early-payment discounts to save money
  • Manage invoice and purchase orders matching automatically, removing physical process, saving time and money
  • Minimise data entry errors, reducing the risk of double payments and late payments
  • Improve the visibility, accuracy, and control of accounts payable processes

If you’re using MYOB, get in touch with Upstream, the AP Automation Experts, to find out how you can leverage your existing MYOB investment to add value.