digital proof of delivery

Take your proof of delivery processes to the next level with digital visibility and control

When your proof of delivery (POD) processes rely on physical documents and rifling through hordes of paperwork, it can be nearly impossible to have visibility on the current status of deliveries. Automating your POD processes provides countless benefits, including finding information a fraction of the time and multiple digital proof points such as images, notes, geo & time stamps, to name just a few.

Sign on Glass technology

How Sign on Glass technology is a green initiative that reduces costs and increases productivity

Sustainability and climate change have risen to be in the top five significant concerns Australia’s business leaders’ face in 2020. Has your company joined those changing processes to reduce their environmental impact?

Find out how Sign on Glass Technology can streamline processes such as POD to help your digital transformation journey.

optimising delivery routes

Reduce your carbon footprint and improve efficiencies with route optimisation

Although ordering parts and buying products has become a fast, simple affair for customers, what they don’t see is the behind-the-scenes planning required to deliver their request on time. Meeting customer expectations involves a great deal of manual work and calculation.

Incorporating GPS technology tools helps optimise logistics and can significantly improve the effectiveness of the delivery process.

How to improve your proof of delivery management with electronic processing

Tracking proof of delivery (POD), or proof of transaction documents is crucial to invoicing customers and visibility into operational logistics. But, if your PODs consist of handwritten, hard to read or incomplete dockets, that takes days or weeks to process then your business could be taking a hit.

Digitising some or all of the POD process can save you time, money, and confusion. Check out how.

6 Benefits of Digitising your Proof of Transaction Processes with Sign on Glass

If you’re in the business of selling or transporting a product or service, then chances are you have a process for capturing the proof of delivery or proof of transaction. Whether you’re dealing with outbound deliveries or inbound counter transactions, having a good ‘proof of transaction’ process in place is