How digital proof of delivery solutions can improve the way you do business

Proof of delivery documentation is essential on many levels; for payment, compliance, auditing, and to address queries regarding what’s been delivered, where, when, and by whom. If you’re still using manual proof of delivery processing methods, you could be missing out on significant opportunities to advance your business.

Some businesses are wary of updating their proof of delivery solutions because it’s a business critical function and existing systems seem to be working. After all, if it isn’t broken then why fit it? However, with electronic proof of delivery, your business could uncover significant savings both in terms of time and money. This means it’s definitely worth updating your proof of delivery processes, even if you think it’s not broken.

Did you know that proof of delivery automation doesn’t necessarily mean you have to change your current systems or setup? In fact, in most cases you can continue to use existing systems with the addition of some smart tools that facilitate automation through digitisation.

What’s more is that you can decide just how much automation to add. For example, you can continue to use paper-based dockets and just automate the capture of information or the storage of the paperwork. Or you could start sooner in the process and swap out paper dockets for electronic ones. Whichever steps and however many you choose to tackle first, each and every one adds increased efficiency benefits to your business. Digital proof of delivery (POD) solutions eliminate the double handling that inevitably comes with manual, paper-based processes and let you get better visibility into detailed data. You can then analyse that data to make better business decisions.

With the right proof of delivery system, you can match and track unreturned documents faster, avoid having to allocate physical space to filing cabinets, find documents instantly regardless of age, and respond to customer enquiries more quickly.

How digital proof of delivery solutions work:

  1. Your delivery driver uses paper or sign on glass technology to capture the recipient’s confirmation that they’ve received their delivery.
  2. If using a mobile proof of delivery solution, the information is automatically sent to a central repository. With paper dockets, scan returned proof of delivery documents to the same repository to begin the workflow.
  3. Automated data extraction captures the key delivery data fields. It then matches the returned POD documentation to the original purchase order generated, identifying and unreturned dockets.
  4. If there are exceptions or anomalies, the system identifies them so you can investigate and action immediately.
  5. Once the process is complete, the documentation is stored electronically. This makes it simple and easy for you to find it when you need to down the track, whether for auditing and compliance purposes, or just to answer a customer query.

Why proof of delivery solutions will improve your business:

1. Less wasted time

Traditional proof of delivery processes costs you time and money to manage. A digital, streamlined approach can help avoid the time wasted in the delivery process due to the removal of the manual burden.

2. Reduced manual burden

It removes the pressure on drivers to manage and track various pieces of paper. Tracking those pieces of paper down if they become lost can be all but impossible, and the paperwork can easily become illegible. It also removes the need for office staff to perform manual data entry and the requirement to physically track down paperwork to resolve enquires.

3. Increased efficiency

Digital proof of delivery solutions make the jobs of all employees easier and more efficient, and dramatically reduces the risk of forged or lost documents. With the right solution, there’s no more double-handling, no risk of lost information, and reduced staff frustration and wasted time on mundane tasks.

4. Instant visibility into accurate information

When your business has all the information to hand, you can make smarter choices that help your business get ahead. That information can be used to make decisions around routes, delivery timetables, and challenges. These choices can help you offer a better customer experience by resolving enquiries quickly, and managing deliveries accurately.

To find out more about how digital proof of delivery solutions can help improve your business, contact Upstream today.