5 Ways to Enhance Visitor Management Processes

Replacing manual, paper-based processes with a digital Visitor Management system has become increasingly important for Aged Care providers, and for good reason. 

In today’s world, having an efficient way to capture and manage on-site visitors can play a vital part in promoting safety and compliance within your facility while also enhancing your visitor sign-in process, particularly if you have a high volume of visitors.

Digital Visitor Management solutions can help streamline the sign-in process, capturing visitor data automatically, reducing manual handling, and creating a better experience for everyone.

Here are five reasons why your Aged Care facility could benefit from a digital Visitor Management solution:

  1. A welcome that creates a positive lasting impression
    Signing in is usually one of the first steps visitors take when entering your facility, and therefore a key part of forming first impressions. 

    A digital Visitor Management solution can help you create better first impressions and welcome visitors with a professional, branded sign-in screen that’s personalised to your facility.

    Highly customisable and easy to use, a digital platform can enhance a visitor’s experience by providing information or site directions, reinforcing your brand, and showcasing your values, helping to create trust and deliver a positive reception to your visitors. 

  2. Improved health and safety measures 
    Having a robust process to ensure you manage health and safety measures in your facility is essential to mitigating risk and keeping your residents, staff, and visitors safe.

    Use customised surveys to screen visitors, and capture details about their health or vaccination status. You can also implement temperature scanning and capacity limits on patient rooms, halt sign-in if a risk is identified and help minimise the spread of infection with immediate communication tools.

  3. Enhance efficiency and workflow
    Customised workflows allow you to streamline all elements of the visitor management process, including how you manage, notify, and respond to mandatory health requirements. 

    From digitising visitor information capture at sign-in, customising health screening, automating notification alerts on visitor arrival or incident, managing room or visitor capacity, and improving contact tracing, to creating customised reporting – a Visitor Management solution can provide so many efficiencies to enhance your processes. 

  4. Improve security risk management
    Having a robust sign-in solution can provide Aged Care facilities with significant advantages to help ensure a safer premise and mitigate risk management through well-defined automated workflows. 

    Capture visitor details, validate contractors, set access approvals, activate compliance workflows, and customised alerts to enhance policy enforcement for more secure visitor processes.

    A Visitor Management solution can also help easily identify on-site visitors through photo ID labels, reinforce contact tracing efforts to quickly track impacted people, and set watchlists to prevent unauthorised people from entering your facility by immediately notifying a security team. In addition, manage onsite capacity with an accurate, real-time count of visitors to reduce overcrowding, and use pre-entry inductions and thermal scanners to create a safer environment.

  5. Make better decisions with reporting and visibility 
    Knowing who is currently on-site, when a visitor was last at your facility, or reviewing visitors within a particular time frame is made easy with a digital Visitor Management solution. Not only does it remove the associated risks and time-consuming labour that comes with using paper-based systems, but it allows you to view and dissect the data in any way you like to make operational decisions that help optimise the running of your facility. 

    With a digital solution, you can access the reporting features to obtain real-time visitor data easily and quickly, and always be in the know at the touch of a button. Gain insights into visitor activity to determine the busy periods and understand the flow of traffic in your facility, and length of visitor stays, and improve staff availability or redeploy employees as required. 

    In addition, easily generate customised visitor reports or digital logbooks to help meet audit and compliance requirements with confidence and accuracy. 

There is more to Visitor Management than meets the eye. If your Aged Care facility is ready to explore how a digital solution can enhance your visitor sign-in processes, then reach out to start your journey, our solutions experts are here to help. Visit our website or contact us today.