6 Benefits of Digitising your Proof of Transaction Processes with Sign on Glass

If you’re in the business of selling or transporting a product or service, then chances are you have a process for capturing the proof of delivery or proof of transaction. Whether you’re dealing with outbound deliveries or inbound counter transactions, having a good ‘proof of transaction’ process in place is critical.

Traditionally, documents associated with customer purchases or deliveries have been paper based. Therefore the physical copy is required to complete the processing cycle including everything from the order, to delivery and payment.

As with most things, a paper document can present a number of challenges, many of which add costs to your business and have associated risks. As experts in transforming paper-based processes, we know firsthand how digitisation can add value and optimise your processes.

Here’s a few ways technology like ‘Sign on Glass’ (SoG) can optimise your business without changing the way your staff currently work.

1. Save Costs & Improve Bottom Line

The real cost of paper lies not just in the printed page, but in the time involved in managing its life cycle and the risks associated with incomplete or lost documents. Technologies like Sign on Glass means you can save on printing and manual handling costs. Most importantly you will never lose an important customer document again.

2. Reduce Non-Payment Risks

Payment disputes are all too common, and while the customer might not ‘always be right’ the lack of proof of transaction means you sometimes wear the costs. SoG solutions removes that burden, consequently helping to ensure you never get caught out by lack of proof of delivery or purchase.

Signature capture, appending photos, geotagging and time stamping on deliveries are some of the features. You can also include notes in case of damaged, incorrect, incomplete or non-accepted goods. With this extra information, automatically trigger follow up actions based on pre-determined rules or notes.

3. Increased Visibility & Control

Enhance your visibility, control and access to comprehensive job information. All proof of transaction acknowledgment, delivery details, and associated metadata – signatures, photo’s, geotagging and notes, are captured and associated to the document and immediately accessible. Secure specific documents or views by setting permission and access rules based on your company policy and hierarchy.

4. Better Customer Engagement

Today more than ever, customers expect instant responses and faster enquiry turnaround. Digitising the proof of transaction process helps take your customer service to new levels. Whether it’s the customer receiving an emailed copy of their transaction, improved enquiry resolution or information access and distribution, SoG provides great value not only to your customers but your Accounts and Admin teams.

5. Agility with Digital Job Allocation

Allocating and changing job runs can be time consuming. Making changes on the run can sometimes be the difference of an efficient or inefficient day.

With a digital process, you have the power to easily create delivery runs, assign drivers and optimise routes. What’s more you can stay in touch with GPS tracking, real time job progress and current vehicle location. Plus, a digitisation means changes are not restricted by a requirement for physical paperwork.

6.  Improved Safety & Compliance

Creating digital checklists such as ‘Product Quality’, ‘Vehicle Safety Checks’ and ‘Driver/Vehicle Job Logs’ result in better compliance management and mitigate liability easily and quickly. Add workflows, safety rules and notifications, with follow up actions and due date reminder alerts.


When considering transforming your proof of delivery processes with a digital solution, Sign on Glass is a simple, robust solution. It does not require the need for complex integrations and their associated costs and time delays for development work. Sign on Glass should be an easy to use, sustainable low-cost solution that will benefit both your staff and your customers.

Want to know more about how your company can get started on digitising your Proof of Transaction journey? Book in for a demonstration and we’ll show you firsthand how Sign on Glass is simple to use and navigate.