Complying with Legislation to Keep Aged Care Residents Safe

The introduction of legislation for the Aged Care industry acts to provide additional safety measures to help protect residents and allow facilities to manage the eventual reopening to visitors. These legislative changes include the capture of health screening, completion of visitor declarations regarding Covid-19 and flu vaccinations, before allowing visitors to enter a facility.

Aged Care Facilities are also required to keep a copy of all records for use in the case of outbreaks, or for possible randomised audit checks. While many sites have already put a plan together to help address these obligations, these processes may be paper-based which can present an administrative burden and potentially open the facility up to compliance risks.

With the ever-changing health screening requirements and continued risk of Covid community cases, how can Aged Care Facilities keep residents, staff & visitors safe?

Having have the appropriate measures in place to ensure they can accommodate the legal requirements, but also streamline the reconnection of loved ones is critical.

These measures have in fact become standard procedure, and can become a logistical nightmare for Aged Care Centres, requiring multiple form completion, ongoing storage of information and quick access to and checking of data for every visitor, every time.

But keeping up to date with technology and legislation doesn’t have to be expensive.

Visitor Manager Central is a low-cost solution that provides an easy, digital way to better manage the safety of visitors and staff, while streamlining OH&S compliance.

Digitising this process with Upstream’s visitor management solution, Visitor Manager Central (VMC), provides a means of fast and easy compliance for the facility, an enhanced visitor experience and peace of mind for all. 

The solution allows facilities to save the digital forms, along with the sign in details, mitigate risk and pre-qualify visitors. The many varied features include:

Visitation Pre-registration

Using the pre-booking feature, contact visitors digitally and provide forms and entry requirements to pre-qualify them before arriving at the facility. Upon arrival, visitors use a pre-provided QR code to streamline their entry.

Declaration Form & Terms of Entry Acceptance:

Streamline compliance requirements to better manage the safety of residents. Customise your terms and conditions of entry, induction policies, videos and capture visitor acceptance to ensure they comply with your checklist. Tailor the questions to suit your premise and include things such as:

  • Have you received a positive testing for Covid?
  • Have you had known contact with a person who has a confirmed case of Covid?
  • Have you traveled overseas in the last 30 days?
  • Have you experienced a temperature higher than 37.5 degrees
  • Have had symptoms of acute respiratory infection?
  • Do you have an up to date vaccination against influenza?

Visitor Arrival Alerts

Notify staff and guests with automatic notifications upon visitor arrival and digital check-in. Connect and alert people faster and be informed in real time as soon as new guests sign in.

Emergency Alerts

Improve risk mitigation with instant emergency notifications. Alert visitors and staff by SMS and email in the case of incidents or emergencies. Easily contact specific safety personnel should their assistance be required.

Non-compliance Notification

Identify non-compliant visitors prior to entry and send immediate notification to staff onsite, should a visitor not meet your terms of entry requirements.

Contract Management & Validation

Using the localised contractor module or Linksafe integration, automatically validate contractor credentials, insurances and Terms of Entry compliance with real time checks.

Audit Access & Visibility

View and access visitor information using the portal. The searchability feature allows you to search by date or visitor,  or create reports over specified periods. Additionally, easily export data for OH&S, compliance and log book reports or audit purposes.

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