Mobility and field operations solutions that put time back in your day

Field workers deal with a lot of documentation relating to onsite transactions. In the past, these workers would normally have to bring paperwork back for document processing in the office. Whether this involves scanning the documents into a digital system or simply physically storing them in filing cabinets, the net result is a lack of efficiency.

By adopting document and information mobility into mobile workflows, organisations can give back valuable time to their field workers. Spending less time on onerous document processing, field workers can then see more customers in the day. This opens up more opportunity to win more business and contribute more to the organisation’s overall success.

Easy Document Processing

Using mobility and field operations solutions from Upstream, documents can now all be produced on a mobile tablet without altering existing processes. These documents could be invoices, delivery dockets, credit notes, driver manifests, Human Resources, compliance documents and more.

With onsite processing, Sign on Glass technology, onsite capture, and eForm solutions, field workers can enter information directly into digital systems. From here, the information can be accessed by anyone who needs it, whether they’re in the office or on the road. This real-time information capture gives a much more accurate snapshot of the businesses operations with reduced double entry by field and admin staff.

This process delivers additional functionality with digitisation, workflow management, and document access. What’s more, it reduces the need for printed paperwork saving you time and money.

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