Schiavello transforms their Project & Document Management

INDUSTRY: Construction

CHALLENGE: Compliance focused document management & visibility across a distributed workforce

OUR SOLUTION: Project Management

OUTCOME: Process optimisation, audit efficiencies & compliance mitigation

Retrieving critical documents

As a project-based construction and manufacturing company, Schiavello deals in a compliance-heavy environment. Therefore, documents of all kinds play a pivotal role in Schiavello’s ability to operate. This includes proving compliance with quality, safety, and environmental requirements as well as operating under best practice project management guidelines.


The Challenge

Schiavello is a top-100 Australian private company that creates and services world-class work and living environments. Established in 1966, Schiavello is internationally renowned for its design and manufacture of furniture, and is one of Australia’s most respected interior construction specialists. Its property developments include several apartment towers poised to positively shape the future of Australia’s great cities.

However, with a manual system of filing and retrieving critical documents, Schiavello team members found it difficult to find the documents they needed in a timely fashion. This created potential for non-compliance and risk exposure.

Bernard Wansink, CIO, Schiavello Group, said, “It was important for Schiavello to improve our document management processes to not just make it easier to capture and store information but to add an intelligent workflow system that would streamline all document-related processes.”

The new document management solution provided by Upstream delivers so much more than just an easier way to manage documents. It has actually helped the business improve its operations, which has delivered flow-on benefits that, ultimately, make Schiavello more competitive.”

Bernard Wansink, CIO

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Providing a Unique & Tailored Solution

Schiavello identified specific requirements to help it search for an appropriate solution. It was paramount to the organisation that the solution was not just a product but a fit-for-purpose solution that could include multiple products.

Bernard Wansink said, “Scalability and flexibility were key because the solution needed to meet our needs not just today but into the future. It was also important that the solution be capable of extending throughout the organisation to provide more value than just the original document management requirements.”

Schiavello developed a comprehensive list of requirements and went to market to find the right solution. The requirements included: scalable document storage; workflows for process and escalation; compliance-based content archiving; sign-onglass technology; ability to work online and offline; knowledge base; document auto-population; and reporting on certification standards and business performance.

Bernard Wansink said, “The key challenge for Schiavello was to be audit-ready and compliant. This was identified as a significant business risk, so it was essential to find the right solution.

“We worked with a clear list of requirements and considered a number of potential partners. We chose Upstream because it understood our unique needs and provided a tailored offering to solve our challenges. Upstream had the skillset and experience required to ensure a successful project.”

Upstream developed a solution using M-Files, along with Schiavello’s existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, and other customised solutions to create a platform to achieve the business objectives.



Digitisation & Automation Benefits

Schiavello’s new document management solution delivered process optimisation, audit efficiencies, and compliance mitigation. By digitalising documents, automating processes, and adding smart workflows, Schiavello dramatically reduced its business risk and streamlined its document-reliant processes, saving time and money.

Because compliance documentation can now be completed through auto-populated documents, site management is more efficient and accurate. Furthermore, employees no longer have to search manually for these documents; a single search functionality surfaces all relevant documents instantly regardless of where they are stored. Team members can access and work with these documents whether they’re in the office or on the go, contributing to improved productivity.

Upstream implemented new workflows including automated notification and escalation capabilities. This means the appropriate team members or managers are immediately notified if compliance activities aren’t completed or if an incident occurs. This remote verification of project compliance leads to improved efficiencies and faster, easier reporting. The knock-on effect of this is reduced risk to the overall business.

Bernard Wansink said, “The new system lets the team conduct desktop audits, which means they don’t need to visit project sites to confirm that everyone is in full compliance with all requirements. This means any instances of non-compliance can be escalated and actioned faster, bringing the project back into compliance and controlling risks more effectively. This is a hugely important benefit for Schiavello.”



The new system lets the team conduct desktop audits, which means they don’t need to visit project sites to confirm that everyone is in full compliance… Instances of non-compliance can be escalated and actioned faster, bringing the project back into compliance and controlling risks more effectively.”

Bernard Wansink —