Equipment, Vehicle & Asset Management

Equipment, vehicle and asset management is crucial in any business. These items represent a significant investment. To maintain the value of those investments and to account for them correctly on balance sheets, it’s essential to have a comprehensive equipment, vehicle and asset management system in place. Upstream helps you simplify your processes to make them efficient and reliable.

Equipment, vehicle and asset management made simple

Managing your assets is crucial, from simply keeping track of where they are to safety compliance management and servicing and maintenance. If you don’t have a comprehensive equipment, vehicle and asset management system in place, you could be losing money and risking not complying with relevant regulations and legislation.

Upstream provides solutions that simplify expiration management, incident management, condition management, and fleet management.

Why equipment, vehicle and asset management is crucial for your business

Equipment, vehicle and asset management is crucial for your business because, at its simplest level, it helps you keep track of your capital investments.
However, it can also help you run your business more cost-effectively and efficiently in key ways:

  • Inventory: a comprehensive system can help you quickly inventory all of your assets along with their current status, such as operational, due for registration renewal, due for regular maintenance, currently undergoing maintenance, etc.
  • Accounting: it helps you account for your assets’ value and amortisation correctly.
  • Maintenance: it helps you improve condition management so you can save money on maintenance by carrying out maintenance at optimal intervals rather than over- or under-maintaining assets.
  • Incidents: it improves incident management with workflows and processes to deal with incidents or accidents effectively and compliantly.
  • Risk: it improves risk management and ensures you’re not paying for assets that you’re no longer using.
  • ROI: it helps you determine when to upgrade or replace assets for maximum return on investment and optimal business value.
  • Visibility: it delivers visibility into assets that may have been lost, damaged, or stolen, or removed from use for another reason.

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