Upstream Connect

Upstream Connect removes the need to manually track how much toner or other consumables you’re using with an automated print restocking service. It monitors your print environment and, using an online printer inventory system, automatically resupplies your consumables and tracks your page count data.

Upstream Connect: automated printer supplies reordering

Upstream Connect delivers simplicity, convenience, and maximum efficiency by automatically reordering consumables before you run out, so you don’t have to manually manage this process or find yourself in a scramble for supplies because you’ve run out unexpectedly.
It works by monitoring your printing devices and calculating how soon you’re likely to run out of ink, for example. The device tracker then automatically orders more to be delivered to your office before you run out, so you don’t have any downtime while you wait for new toner.
The supplies covered by Upstream Connect include:

  • toner
  • photo conductor units
  • waste toner bottles.

Your fleet information, including page count data, is captured, which means you’ll receive accurate bills without having to lift a finger.
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How Upstream Connect reduces the burden on your IT staff

All too often, experienced IT staff find themselves managing printer-related issues instead of innovating and adding proactive value to the business. And, the more time they spend sorting out printer issues like consumables, the less time they spend on core tasks. The resulting drop in efficiency can affect the entire business and often damages IT staff morale.
Not to mention, ordering office printer supplies at the last minute can contribute to high costs and printer downtime.
As more businesses embark on digital transformation journeys, a key objective is often to streamline workflows. By streamlining the workflows around monitoring consumables usage and ordering replacements, businesses can save time and money, and free up IT staff to spend more time on the work they’d rather be doing.
Upstream Connect has helped thousands of businesses like yours implement automated print restocking to save time and money. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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