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Retail and wholesale businesses have deliveries coming and going all the time, are trying to engage customers to encourage loyalty, and need to track all of this activity accurately. This can create administrative headaches, especially if you manage all these processes manually. Upstream offers solutions for retail and wholesale businesses to better manage their paperwork.

Retail and wholesale workflow solutions that eliminate the paperwork headaches

From transactional documents and proof of delivery to customer engagement surveys, distributed warehousing receipts, and loyalty and rewards, Upstream can help your retail or wholesale business simplify the processes involved in managing your operations.

For example, proof of delivery can be a significant pain point for retail and wholesale businesses.

Timely retrieval of proof of delivery (POD) documents is crucial for tracking deliveries, managing stock, and maximising cash flow. If paper dockets aren’t delivered to your office until the end of each day, you can’t get instant visibility. And, if your documents are being archived in batches, then it may be weeks before the information is visible in your business systems, making it impossible to respond to customer queries in a timely manner.

Upstream’s uDocs for information management lets you cost-effectively capture documents such as POD and archive them against ERP data, making them instantly available for retrieval. You could save up to 50 per cent of your costs on POD alone, and reduce turnaround time while improving accuracy.

Sign on Glass helps retail and wholesale businesses save money and get paid sooner

For retailers and wholesalers selling products in the field, finalising the sale means taking signed purchase orders or contracts back to the office, entering them into sales systems, and then eventually sending an invoice or receipt to the customer. This is time consuming and offers many opportunities for errors.

uDoc Glass is a Sign on Glass solution that provides efficiencies in the sales process. It facilitates immediate and electronic archive for ease of retrieval and storage. Upstream can even customise it to automatically update your existing ERP system, further streamlining the process.

At the point of sale, a tax invoice or receipt is sent to the tablet where the customer then signs the document and adds their email address. That information is then captured, the data is extracted, and it’s exported and archived into the ERP system. A copy of the receipt is sent directly to the customer.

This can save many thousands of printed pages and it helps retailers and wholesalers collect payment faster, too.

This is just an example of the kind of solution Upstream can offer. We’ve developed customised solutions for many retail and wholesale customers, so contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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