Our Innovative Spirit

7 ways Fujifilm is innovating the every day

Soon we will be FUJIFILM Upstream Solutions. We’ll be joining a large family of innovators within the Fujifilm group, who live and breathe the slogan “Value From Innovation” in healthcare, technology and business solutions.

Although Fujifilm may have started in photographic film – and this is what many of you may associate the brand with today – it has expanded into more than simply capturing moments in its 87 years.

To help you get to know our new family, here are 7 awesome innovation facts you might not know about Fujifilm.

1. Enhancing smartphone technology

Some of you may even be reading this email on a smart phone or tablet. Fujifilm’s touch-panel sensor film helps these devices react quickly. These sensors can also mould into 3D shapes.

2. Keeping you online, adaptable and mobile

Cloud is more than simply storage – it’s now shaping the way we work. Hundreds of users across ANZ access now have access to what they need, when they need it, all through innovative cloud technology. We’ve also got the badge to prove it.

3. Keeping staff and visitors safe

Today keeping staff, customers and visitors safe has never been more pertinent. Through single-touch digital technology, contactless visitor management is now possible – making it safer for customers while still meeting compliance and contract tracing requirements.

4. Making your beer better than ever

Yes, you read that right. For our beer drinkers, Fujifilm film technology is even being used to build yeast filters – helping brewers stabilise the quality of beer.

5. Enhanced workflows for digital business

We’re helping hundreds of businesses improve efficiencies and streamline processes to work smarter, digitally. This innovative focus has resulted in being M-Files multi-award recipients including three time ‘Global & APAC Partners of Year’.

6. Fighting COVID-19

Fujifilm’s point-of-care imagery equipment – such as ultrasound and mobile X-ray systems – is playing a vital role in the clinical care process of patients with COVID-19. It’s also been heavily involved in vaccine development and clinical trials.

7. Unifying teams across the globe

Through online communication and video tools, customers are innovating how they work and connect – using tech collaborate and keep productive no matter where they are.

This is just a small snapshot of how as a group we’re committed to providing Value From Innovation. Working together with our sister groups here in Australia – soon to be FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia and FUJIFILM Codeblue – this is our promise to you. Together, we can provide you with the business technology you need to innovate, adapt and grow.

Want to learn more about Fujifilm? Check out the video below or explore the Fujifilm innovation page.