Metal Manufactures

Metal Manufactures

Metal Manufactures is a large and diverse Australian company, incorporating a number of businesses involved in electrical wholesaling.

MM identified that Upstream’s could assist in improving their Proof of Delivery (POD) processing along with managing a widely distributed print fleet in over 300 locations.

Upstream’s MM solution incorporated:

  • Print management services
  • Customised forms
  • Document Scanning & Archiving solution
  • Trade counter ‘Sign on Glass’ invoices
  • Mobile POD ‘Sign on Glass’ solutions

Dealing with a high volume of invoices, maintaining and managing POD documentation is crucial to ensuring payment and the efficient running of their business.

Upstream helped to streamline MM’s POD processes with an end to end solution that included invoice creation, information capture, automated workflow and digital archive.

Importantly for MM, the Upstream solution require no system integration and no change to the existing POD’s generation, reducing the need for staff training.

Upstream’s POD solution allowed the automatic and electronic archiving of documents saving hundreds of hours administration time per week. The immediate search and retrieval capability provided improved customer dispute resolution and created faster payment collection. Overall MM experienced a huge reduction in the cost of print volumes and paper consumption, and as well as improved instore customer experience.