Modernising Your Legacy ERP Systems

By Matt Coad, Executive General Manager – Solutions

Despite recent technological advances, it’s hard to believe there are still some 10,000 legacy mainframes being used around the world.  ERP Systems such as AS400, Unix and IBM still process millions of transactions a day.

For some organisations the considerable cost of upgrading or replacing applications running on legacy hardware or written in programming languages long since retired is simply not viable.

One huge challenge related to these systems is the inability to generate documents and route them to customers electronically – a seemingly simple and frequently required request. Such systems are a hinderance in this digital age where information access and sharing is expected immediately.

What’s more these systems were designed to print to dot matrix printers and use expensive pre-printed stationery, making it difficult to copy, scan and email documents. Using such dated technology further inhibits organisations from creating additional expenses and/or unworkable restrictions.


Organisations currently impeded by the challenges of their legacy systems and the exorbitant costs of upgrading, need not be unnecessarily tied down any longer.

For decades Upstream have specialised in liberating businesses from the restraints of these systems by capturing print output, and adding workflow functionality. For example, include email, archive or integration capability with the benefit of no configuration or programming changes in the source application.

In addition, using Upstream’s uForms solution allows forms to be digitised and reside as an application on a laser printer.  As a result, not only can an organisation do away with expensive pre-printed stationery but through sending only the original text data to the printer, it creates a laser printed form. Furthermore users are able to enjoy the ability to add smart barcodes, logos and tables that can be designed to match your corporate identity.

This also allows distributed users in locations where network bandwidth may be a limiting factor to print transactional documents and forms with no additional bandwidth constraints on the network.

If you are using a legacy ERP or application, green or blue screen emulation software or simply want to add new functionality uForms can help! Add automated emailing or archiving of invoices, statements or transactional documents to your ERP. With Upstream, there is no need to migrate your entire existing ERP system just to have the ability to add a few smart solutions.

In fact, Upstream’s suite of business workflow solutions can integrate data from your ERP directly into your business processes, and other business applications. Moreover, enjoy all sorts of added benefits and additional features not currently possible within some of these applications.

If you’re considering replacing that old ERP, or looking for a solution for document output and workflow, talk to Upstream. Transform your business with simpler, smarter solutions before you make significant systems changes or commit to a huge financial outlay.  We’ll show you the better way!